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  1. Bottom line is, too much work for something that will have little to no impact on the game itself, besides drawing out the development time. Id say let modders do it if they really want female models in the game.
  2. Edge of Tomorrow

    Im still ###### that it still looks like the source material has been pretty much butchered from the original novel which was excellent. http://www.amazon.com/All-You-Need-Is-Kill/dp/1421527618
  3. Sure is. About as useful as the TSA.
  4. I put no as from a development standpoint the highly dedicated team though limited in numbers is spread thin as is. Realistically do not want to be having extra burden put on the team as is. Even more so if its a non critical feature as this one. Apparently these days the SEALs are the only SF guys out there according to modern media...
  5. House Cleaning

    Now we know why the good Cpl. has been missing for a while now. He must have found this before it was posted here and is busy building his latest wallet burner haha
  6. Jumping or not jumping

    Ive worn a full decked out rig SAPIs and all that. Good luck trying to jump like that dude in the gif. Even if it was just an example. Sure certain things can be vaulted over, but you aint going to be pulling off stuff parkour BS and what nots. One game where I actually felt weight on my character was killzone 2 on the PS3. Which was interesting, though apparently a majority of the gaming public hated it since they were too used to all the crackrat speeds of COD and what not. Since this title is aiming to be a bit more of a "sim" than an action arcade shooter, do believe that the aim for a more realistic movement system and feeling of weight would be in there, rather than running around at light speed vaulting over anything and everything. If you want an example of what it might feel like, but not exactly as the weight distribution will be a little different. Go get 2 backpacks fill each up with 5 2 liter bottles of water then wear each pack on your front and back to evenly distribute the weight. That should be around 40 lbs / 18.14 kilos. Since it weighs around 4.4 lbs / 2 kilos per water bottle. And being generous in terms of weight of a decked out kit we are going at 40lbs. If you throw other things in there like having a rucksack too it adds to the overall weight, besides just the body armor + various pouches with ammo, grenates + water. While wearing that bit of fun try running around and being mobile. Once again not the best example as the weight is quite different with how its distributed and will be swinging around due to being a bunch of water bottles, the added weight to your body you will be able to feel. Anyways enough talking but thats all I have to say about it. One last thing though, this is by no means a way to say its impossible to run around and perform a lot of the standard actions such as running, vaulting over small distances, dropping to prone and getting back up. Since all of that can be done without much of a problem. Its trying to get all action hero fancy then things start to go very wrong or just a plain bad idea in general.
  7. Interstellar Marines

    Since psychomorph is apparently clinically deaf, Ill say that indeed its on the left side all the time as you stated.
  8. Take Down Red Sabre New Video

    Did you not see this thread or something? http://www.blackfoot...?showtopic=6665
  9. Takedown: Red Sabre

  10. PayDay 2

    Game is ###### hard core and most def meant to be played with actual humans. As the AI friendly partners for offline mode are dumber than a bag of dicks.
  11. PayDay 2

  12. Also Led, you might want to check these out. http://www.deathvall...by-hugh-coffee/ The guy who did the write up, Rob Krott is a straight shooter and his word on things can be trusted. This one too http://www.deathvall...view/#more-8719 And this http://www.amazon.com/Where-There-Is-No-Doctor/dp/0942364155/ref=pd_sim_b_2
  13. For gauze wrapping what I found works pretty decent is that wrapping that has that semi rubbery feeling which sticks to itself when two parts come into contact. Since its all by friction it seems it comes in handy for situations where ones tape wont stick due to moisture. Sorry dont have the exact name as I cant find it in country here, bought that back at a CVS Pharmacy in the US and forgot the name. Self Grip Bandage maybe? Clean wound, put on gauze pad, wrap with normal gauze, wrap with the gauze explained above. I had to use that method when the tape I had was all damp due to rain, it wasnt in the zip lock at the time. It stuck pretty well as long as said person didnt do any hard movements. If they were just mostly either slowly moving around or waiting for paramedics to come and get them, it should hold perfectly fine. Led. something like this. http://www.vitalitymedical.com/coban-self-adherent-wrap.html
  14. Id say if you know how to use all that stuff and its difficult to put your kit together from whats available in your area then by all means go for it. Though before that one thing Id do is poke around a bit and do a price breakdown of everything, to see how much extra cost is actually tacked onto those pre-packaged kits. I know since you plan on sticking your stuff on your plate carrier that these types of pouch designs and space issues are important for you, but looks like you found some good stuff that matches your needs. Mine is a little different since its stuff I have to wear on person, instead of attach to a vest or backpack. Same goes with what I pack for the medical supplies, since out here dont really have to worry about getting shot and dealing with those types of injuries. So mine was more packed for dealing with things like lacerations or for the more minor stuff scrapes / small cuts which is what the bandaids are for. Also not in the picture was the little vials of saline solution which I had used to clean out wounds on others, as little to no chance of an allergic reaction. I also had a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide for use on myself. All of that fit in the pack no problem too. *Disclaimer am not a medic or hold any sort of proper medical training past what my father taught me (actual licensed physician) & CPR / AED certification which has most likely expired now. Just have studied up on my own on general first aid & wound treatment and got experience from helping treat folks in real world situations on various occasions. Am no where near an expert on the subject, so for more detailed information and what not Id highly suggest contacting real experts on the issue. On a side not really need to get myself some sam splints to carry in my pack. As you would be amazed how many folks manage to get bad sprains and such while on the trail.