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  1. Tech Preview available and Store is open!

    Amazing news about the game
  2. Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

    :lol: Thanks for the upgrade lol))
  3. yet another gif thread

  4. Have we done this before?

  5. But is it fun?

    The whole video looks amazing. The nature sound/fx, even the bird sounds were just so well done. Overall, it looked and felt really real Patience does have its reward )
  6. A plan rarely survives first contact!

    I shall add a "+1" to your comment as it essentially describes my perception on this subject/game. Patience is obviously a virtue as it is something that is timeless. Therefore, in essence, one is passively waiting. Massive Attack
  7. Hats

    Watch out for the "booby" traps then...
  8. Hats

    You bunch of infidels... ;-)
  9. Hats

    What I love about this game is that its a HUGE accumulation of GREAT ideas
  10. Whoa!

    Those first set of pictures seems to be taken when her career was at its highest, like 10 years ago ? Or I may be wrong. I remember her name, but don't remember the music she did. In any event, yeah, she really has physically degenerated... Its like 2 different people. I've really got nothing to say except what you said.... - Whoa... Lol But she did look real good back then... )))
  11. I like maps

    That's exactly what I thought of the map as well )) and maybe a little bit of the airport map also )) Even these small little updates feed extremely well the huge hunger of this game :-D. Keep up the great and amazing work :-) *psychologically, I am already playing this game and putting countless hours into it* :-D
  12. Riddick

    I never was a vin diesel fan.... And I don't think I ever will be. But I have to admit that the Riddick films weren't badly made. The esthetics of the films were good, but the dialogue/script wasn't really creative nor captivating...... But hey, each's own... ;-)
  13. Congratulations to Serellan, LLC I didn't know that you guys don't like serellan here lol. Didn't you know? the guy around here who is the last to know about things lol. :-D
  14. Congratulations to Serellan, LLC

    Perfect :-) Then this subject should be closed then. Like I said in my earlier post, they have solved everything and yet we are here still talking about it.... Doesn't make sense. And your absolutely right, its not a big deal.