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  1. Character customization

    The reason you don't hear of it is because the qualification for being a SEAL or sniper requires the applicant to be MALE. It's not that we can't qualify physically. It's that we're not allowed to. I happen to know most weekends I go up to play airsoft I pull down easily an 8 or 10 to one ratio against the boys out there. I get sick of this whole 'it's not realistic' excuse men make. The game is fiction. Since when did fiction have to be realistic? Did the presence of women ruin the realism of the original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon? Not at all. Really coding time as a finite resource isn't much of an excuse. Just a few different faces and a slightly smaller version of the male model would do fine. I know if I'm all strapped down with MOLLE gear the only way to tell I'm a girl is the face and the voice... and that's not a whole lot to code. As for crazy levels of customization, yeah, I agree, don't allow it. I can hardly tell who's on my team in Vegas 2 things are so absurd. Just the same I think some level of customization makes things more fun. The answer's simple, let people customize their kit, but have their camouflage color decided by team. ACU versus Multicam or Woodland versus Tri-color Desert... something like that. On the topic of things that ruin realism, I think a team of ten guys who look exactly the same with the same vest configuration, same helmet and the like is gonna do much worse for the game than putting in women.
  2. Character customization

    Something that's frustrated me about the PC ports of the two new Ghost Recon games has been the lack of character customization for multiplayer. I don't expect to play my own character in singleplayer in a game where a big element of the strategy is picking the right team to do the job, but in multiplayer, I think it adds a lot of fun to the game. More important to me personally though (as a female gamer) is the option to play a female character. It was something that drew me to the original Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon games back when I first got into gaming. It was very sad to see such true gender balance fade away as the series wore on (almost more disappointing than losing the realism). If you're talking about a CIA task force, then there's no reason a woman shouldn't be able to be a part of it, after all, I don't think the CIA restricts gender in the same way the military does. In closing, I'm not asking for the same level of customization that was in Oblivion or anything, just a few different faces for both genders, maybe a choice of headgear, sleeves down or rolled up, little stuff like that. I mean if I was willing to buy Vegas 2 when I knew I wouldn't like the gameplay just so I could customize my character, I'm sure that feature has to be important to some other people, too!
  3. Weapons

    I'd personally like to see a few next-gen weapons in the game. I'm sure a lot of geardos would agree... though stick with what'd be realistic, XM8's were already canned! You can stop putting them in games now, sheesh! I'd most like to see the Magpul Masada (maybe in both 7.62R and 5.56), also that new 6.8mm upper receiver kit for the M4 would be a cool addition. I'd also love to see the M14, but since I've already seen it in a screenie, I think I'm safe staying quiet on that one. I'd also love to see a system of accessories that would allow you to put more than just one on every gun and wouldn't restrict certain optics from certain weapons (Like GRAW 2 not allowing a red-dot or EO Tech on the M14).