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  1. Fantasy Hockey

    'Cause I hated the Leafs and the Flames bandwagon had a few extra seats at the time !! No way I gonna cheer for Sens or Habs..... Oh noooo...I totally gapped out and forgot to check when the draft was....hell I didn't even pre-rate my players !! Wow....I logged in just now with a sense of dread, visions of my team stacked with Leafs. Guess I didn't do too bad, got Ovie !! Game on !!
  2. Fantasy Hockey

    Yippeeee kay yay !! Yes....time for a real men's sport !! Reading thru the thread seems like deja vu. Think I'll start watching the Leafs again this year...hahahahaha. Maybe they won't suck as bad this year....Calgary was my team and Leafs go steal Phaneuf !! Well should be an interesting year in the NHL...
  3. Fantasy Hockey

    That's not saying much......a peewee team could do better than them at the moment. And I was actually gonna start watching Leaf games again this year with their 'highly touted' defense...pffft.
  4. Fantasy Hockey

    Grrr...missed the draft had to work OT. Stupid bosses..... At least I didn't do too bad.
  5. Fantasy Hockey

    Yeah looks kinda lonely there...need some more teams, at least make it a bit harder for me ! I should be able to make the 7 o'clock Wed.
  6. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

    Anybody play this game on PS3 ? I really was getting into the gameplay & story but the little 3-5 second pauses whilst the game saved at checkpoints drove me absolutely nuts !! Don't know if it's an issue only on the PS3. Totally killed the game for me and I stopped playing it. Only got as far as going back to the brother's homestead and then couldn't stand the pauses anymore.
  7. Fantasy Hockey

    I'm in !!
  8. Fantasy Hockey

    Okely dokely !!
  9. Fantasy Hockey

    Leafs ?! Wings ?! The Flames are where it's at !! I used to like the Leafs..suffered as a fan for 25yrs. MLSE gets no more of my money. Anyways I am in. Can't wait for hockey to start. Gonna be interesting with all the big moves in the off season. Chicago might even make the playoffs this year. They are going to be a fun team to watch with all the young talent they have. Good Luck !
  10. Fantasy Hockey

    Yeah I saw the date after...someone *ahem* sent me the link 2 days ago.
  11. Introduce yourself

    Guess this will be my 2nd post. Anywho... I'm Havok. Been playing GR forever, RS before. Anxiously awaiting GB. Giving the good old Homer Simpson drooool over this one. My life has been so lacking in a good "tac-sim". Miss that feeling of deploying with the boys on the virtual battlefield. Been relegated to consoles lately and it just ain't the same. I live in Richmond Hill, Canada. Almost 37 now...ahh how time flies. Typical Canadian(born in Croydon, swam across the pond with mummy & daddy when 3yrs.), love hockey and getting drunk...mmm beer. Music & mountainbiking are kool too. Mooseburgers are my main diet. Oh yeah...man seems like everyone from way back in the day is here on the forums. Lot of overturned rocks...LOL.
  12. Fantasy Hockey

    Hmmm.... I click the link and get this... "The 2008-09 Fantasy Hockey season starts soon. Join us in early September when registration begins." Huhh ?!?!? Damn Canadian censorship. Yes I'm logged into Yahoo.