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  1. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    as i mentioned in another topic it would be wise to make it optional in the code: default options Crosshair [X] color: [LOV] Iron sight [ ]
  2. Introduce yourself

    Im Ed aka =CNR= SirEd half chinese, born in the Netherlands in 1959 play online since 1994 at the same time kali(www.kali.net) came out. I work at a logistics center in Rotterdam as application consultant/developer and also doing maintenance on a warehouse management system and a duty management (customs) application on a Oracle and Unix base. When not playing doing some selfdefense sports and some bike riding . started playing all sorts of games on my old commodore 64, amiga 512 until i bought me a pc 486, later on pentiums and played SP type like command and conquerer,Total annihilation and such. Started online playing with Doom went to Red Alert, diablo, ultima online finally went to the shooters like quake II, Rainbow Six, Delta Force, Rogue Spear, RS Urban ops,Delta force 2+3, Ghost Recon, Ravenshield, some BF2 etc. The Tom clancey's i played most of the time. Started a Team dutchbat in 1997 with 5 guys with a few ex soldiers and 1 who was serving in dutchbat that periode thats why we picked the name [DB]dutchbat. Dutchbat stand for the dutch army batalion of the united nations. the [DB] team grew to 45 members until it broke up in 2002 with a few old farts we started =CNR= codename november rain that played mostly ravenshield we still play but no competition anymore just for fun and most members are passed 30 now.
  3. How should this game be played?

    discussion on this needed ! Just coding needed ............... default options First Person View [ ] First Person view with weapon [X] Weapon View + Freeaim [ ] that's how i develope my applications , with default options to choose for user. The one thing this game surely needs is an SDK, SADS and offcourse a good testteam