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  1. Fan Funded Game Development

    The other genre close to my heart is the race car sim genre, which doesn't really get that many titles. Here is an example of a community funded game from the developers of Shift 2:
  2. Shipping a Multiplayer (PvP Game)

    What would be fun would be if they just released a Kill House map and MP5s and a side arm and a bunch of multiplayer modes. 1 map, 2 weapons, multiplayer. I think I would have a lot of fun with that as long as the controls and the realism were properly in place.
  3. AI makes or breaks a game

    What about changing plans on the fly? Like if you walk down a path chosen at random (well, not completely random since your plan is to head north-ish), and then notice a tank or turret or something in the distance. You drop to the ground and sneak away to find another path that isn't as heavily protected, and maybe flank the position. But you haven't decided yet, since you will only flank if you find an un-protected angle. How can you get AI to consider things like this instead of rush head on? And how can AI know what directions are less guarded?
  4. Copyrighted material

    That should be a character in game
  5. War started today in South Ossetia

    He was just some unknown guy in the article it's from. So no idea.
  6. War started today in South Ossetia

    I don't think they're discussing the olympics...
  7. Russia is supporting South Ossetia against a Georgian offensive. How will this end? Discuss...
  8. Introduce yourself

    If you give us Greenland! Wait... do we really want Greenland?
  9. Intel Quiz

    Yes, that's correct. FSK is the special forces of the Norwegian army. There has been a lot of discussion about them among politicians lately as not even they know the full extent of their operations, and they are complaining that they aren't informed if Norwegian soldiers have been involved in sharp operations in Afghanistan. Funny stuff.
  10. Introduce yourself

    Hello! My handle here was just something I came up with in the spur of the moment since I was reading about the Norwegian Jegerkommando while I found this forum. Normally I go by Aurvan (or a variation) from the Norse "hero" Aurvandil. Or in real life I've got a new nickname at work, Stifler... I won't be too long winded, but I'll mention a few things that are somewhat related to this site, and some recent stuff. I am from Norway, and served most of my time in the military in (what was then called JHQ North) Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger (, which incidentally is the city I work in now (I'm not from Stavanger, though). Back then I was more interested in secure systems and military networks than in guns and freezing my balls off in the field. And working in the COM CEN I had a pretty high security clearance, which I thought was pretty cool at first. When I realised all the extra paper work that entailed, it wasn't so cool after all. But what I found the most fun was that people from most NATO countries were working in the same place, and I especially remember a girl from the US Army I thought was... all right We even had a military bar with "international prices" (normally alcohol in Norway cost a lott) so you got a drink for the price of a Coke. After that I studied for a while, also computer related. I didn't really attempt to get a job related to what I had studied as I was sick and tired of databases and staring at a screen all day long, so I did something completely different. Long story short, I now work in a prison... But when I was studying we usually just gathered in a room to do some work, but instead ended up playing some multiplayer game. I actually had one of my best coop experiences during that time with SWAT 3. We wanted to find a cool multiplayer game, and someone suggested SWAT 3. Playing that on the hardest difficulty with people in the room you can talk to and shout insults to when they die for the N'th time, is just great. When I got the game at home some time later on, I never played it much as it couldn't compare to the first time I played it coop. I didn't get into tactical shooters when they first started popping up, but I did play Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon quite a bit. After that I've played most of the Rainbow Six games for the PC (not Take-down or Lockdown ) and all Ghost Recon games (for the PC) except the expansion packs (I even had Island Thunder on my shelf for a while, but never got around to play it). I've also been a fan of Operation Flashpoint and later Armed Assault. I've played a bit of SWAT 4 as well, but I have to admit I like to kill the bad guys instead of arresting them Other than tactical shooters, I like sim games (everything from realistic racing games to flight simulators) and RPGs (old school, like Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, not that Final Fantasy crap ). My other hobbies include music (I play the guitar and compose a bit on the computer), kickboxing, and I'm in the process of buying a motorcycle! That was a bit longer than I had planned, but... oh well.
  11. Intel Quiz

    I couldn't get it to fit with the text, but it looked like a Thompson. Without assuming I'm right, I want to ask a new question: What unit from what country am I talking about? - This special forces unit was established in 1981. - They were first known to the public in 1993 in connection with a hijacking of an airplane. - Little is known of their operations, but it is known that they were involved in Operation Enduring Freedom. - It's rumored that they were among the first soldiers inside Pristina during the Kosovo conflict. - They were involved in freeing kidnapped German aid worker Christina Meier in Afghanistan. - It was awarded the Army Presidential Unit Citaion.
  12. Transfer of rounds between magazines

    This is not a problem. Just make a menu you scroll through for stuff that you don't need a finger tip away (like drinking, eating, take off your helmet, clean your goggles, look through your binoculars, ajust sights etc.) like in ArmA. Key binding is for quick actions, like reload, draw side arm etc.
  13. How may prone positions should there be?

    What about the "in-between" positions? Normally you have standing, knees, and prone. When want to shoot through a fence or whatever you view sometimes are too high when standing, and too low when one your knees. Raven Shield (I think it was) solved this by having a smooth transition between stances, so you could hold your stance anywhere between knees and standing position. Maybe something similar can be done when you're prone so you can still be prone, but propped up enough to fire over a log or whatever which would normally be too tall for prone position, and you would expose too much if you went up on your knees.
  14. hand signals

    Doesn't Rainbow Six Vegas have hand signals? They are triggered when you order your team around as I recall. You can see one hand signal in this video at least (from Vegas 2): And here is what all the hand signals mean:
  15. Punching Above Your Weight

    Okay, I see your point. And I see people do similar things in multiplayer. But sometimes it's just so obvious that rounding the corner will mean your immediate death, evident by four of your buddies lying in a fresh pool of blood in front of you. It would be nice if the AI learned EVENTUALLY at least. Was it this scene by the way? Cut short, though: I think I should see this (I've got too many books to read as it is )