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  1. All I want to see is decent mod support. I leave the rest in the very competent hands of the BFS developers.
  2. Yes. The Sir. lads are quite amusing. Modjive, Sandbox and Battleracer are all awesome too. I'f you were not aware, there is an open beta floating around the forums, so you're free to check that out. I'd advise waiting though, as the next version should be out soon . Thanks for the welcome, everybody.
  3. Agree. I'd rather the text didn't take up too much room and ruin the immersion, and I'm sure others running at a higher resolution would like to be able to actually read the text. Red Orchestra has a client side option for resizing the size of ingame text. Most MMO's also have a moveable chat box, and usually, the entire HUD is configurable. But thats's in MMO's.
  4. Hello everybody. I'm Adam, a 16 year old from Canada who happens to love tactical games. I can't wait to see this game progress. I do Public Relations work (and testing) for the Project Reality mod for BF2, which is pretty painful to play without PR in my opinion. So hop on our forums, say hello, and try out the mod! In addition, I also test for the Insurgency mod for Source, although I haven't been able to put in much testing time lately due to other commitments. I will get around to donating a very modest amount eventually. Sorry for the bump - just wanted to say hello ! Cheers.
  5. I'd be willing to pay upwards of $75.00. $100.00 would probably be the limit for me, though. Then again, we don't know much about the game aside from a few small image teasers . I'd assume BFS will go with the standard, and price the game aroound $50.00.
  6. I'd like to see ironsights and optics as opposed to crosshairs. Free aim and full body awareness would also be nice .