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  1. Granade launchers

    We should have access to the RPG's and GP25's as the good guys, not just as OPFOR.
  2. Multiplayer class/kit selection

    You are right, I guess. I remember speaking to this guy and he said something along the lines of "If I was going to carry two guns, I'd carry two rifles". I think this was in reference to operating in Afghanistan.
  3. Multiplayer class/kit selection

    Well, perhaps if you can only select one primary weapon, but have the ability to pick up another in game? Obviously it has benefits, like "omg 2 wepunz", and then the downsides "Damn, one magazine". I mean, I'm looking at this from several angles. What if your weapon is out of ammo, what if it jams (does it do this?), what if it becomes impractical, and what about denying enemies a weapon?
  4. Grenades

    From what I've heard, and what I've been taught, getting caught up by grenade blast isn't the worst thing that can happen to you. In fact, most of my mates and lads I've spoke to said that after fragging a room, if someone was inside, they weren't usually dead from the blast, and would probably survived, if perhaps they where waving a white flag instead of a gun. In fact, I've seen plenty of stories of grenades blowing people up, and leaving them with nothing more than concussion and scabby faces. Also, as a little reference: Marine throws himself on a grenade and survives. His body armour and daysack stopped him from being torn up, he was in contact with the grenade, too. Obviously if he was further back, he would of been open up to more points of impact from shrapnel, but you need to remember there is still a lot of chance in all this. I reckon it would be better if the grenades weren't mini atom bombs like in Raven Shield.
  5. Multiplayer class/kit selection

    It would be cool to be able to carry two rifles, because it's fairly easy, and you might find yourself in a situation where you don't want to leave a perfectly fine weapon to the enemy. Hidden and Dangerous 2 had the ability to carry two rifles, but I believe it was a nightmare swapping between them. Also, carrying another rifle is no big deal, if it's got a sling it's even easier.
  6. Multiplayer class/kit selection

    That guy needs some toilet paper for his nose!
  7. Multiplayer class/kit selection

    Yeah, I hope because I'm carrying an LMG I won't be running slower than the other guys. If I remember correctly, if I was carrying the troop machine gun, I would still have to move just as fast as the other guys. In fact, I don't remember having 140lb on my back and a machine gun being a legitimate excuse not to be able to sprint! I think the major issues with LMG's is weight and ammunition. Everyone carries ammunition for the machine guns, but I'm not sure if this would be the case in GB's case though, I'm not 100% on how exactly they would operate. That said, if the other team members don't carry extra ammo for the machine guns, it will be an issue for the user of the LMG. Thinking about it, it would bring another tactical predicament to the game, which would be cool.
  8. Squad DM

    Hmm I was thinking more along the lines of doing a FFA because.. well it would be fun to barricade yourself in a room and just fend people off with your M60.. you know, for fun
  9. Multiplayer class/kit selection

    I'm with Witzbold here Flogger. However, I think that server admins should be able to put restrictions on their own servers. I did however hate when playing Raven Shield that certain weapons would be restricted. If I had my choice, frag grenades and hi caps would be the only things restricted.
  10. Squad DM

    I understand what you're saying, but I should of said that the options and no restrictions are there also for the fact that guys can make teamwork orientated rounds to play. I also don't see what would be wrong doing a mindless FFA game now and again in GB. Would be interesting to see how people would use the realistic game mechanics to their advantage in FFA.
  11. How LOUD gunfire should be in the game

    I found the M249 (Well, it was an FN Minimi) was a much higher pitched crack or bang sound, so it's a much more penetrating sound, and left my ears ringing a lot more than the M240 (GPMG, or FN MAG). The M240 was a duller sound, more of a 'whump' sound as you described, or a thud or pop sound. The thing is, the M240 was much louder in volume you though. You can kind of feel it all over, more so than the M249 which just hurt my ears. These type of differences in sounds in game would be great. It would help player determine different weapons, well, perhaps give more opportunity to do this anyway.
  12. Squad DM

    Wait, you have a problem with this? I'm sorry, but I totally disagree with you. If you're too strong, it's completely natural that people will team against you to beat you. Otherwise, you will just continue to crush the opponents, creating a type of monopoly over the other players. About this type of game mode, I don't see why their should be any restrictions. Perhaps the a tick box menu: Teams: 1 [ ], 2 [ ], 3 [ ] .. .. Players per team: 1 [ ], 2 [ ], 3 [ ].. .. Game type: King of the hill [ ], Deathmatch [ ], Defuse [ ].. .. Time limit: No limit [ ], 5 minutes [ ], 10 minutes [ ].. .. etc. etc. I don't see how something like this can't work. Obviously, you can also put fixed settings for certain games, for example co op missions, but perhaps also have some allowances for change in them too. I don't see the point in making all the game types fixed. For example have a fixed game of 4 vs 4 with all fixed rules and settings. I can understand having certain rules for perhaps some game types, but restrictions on everything kind of doesn't make any sense.
  13. How LOUD gunfire should be in the game

    Health and safety Just kidding. Some weapons are painfully loud. I remember one of my little yellow ear defenders fell out at the start of a shoot. Was all lined up on the range with our FN Minimis, and I didn't notice until the first burst went off. My ears where ringing all day. It's strange though, the GPMG is much louder, but it's more of a dull loud, and the Minimi is far more piercing.
  14. The Moral Dilemma

    Do you think it's possible to get people to think about consequences, and moral issues, by perhaps supplying a realistic, and relevant story, beforehand? I mean, in the briefing, you're not going to be told something that would perhaps discourage you from completing a mission, so perhaps some pages of media stuff, like news paper clippings, website articles and stuff, related to the mission. And perhaps something similar in a debriefing, as a result of what you did (or didn't) do.
  15. Weather

    Weather would be really cool. Wind, and rain would add so much atmosphere to the game, and could give people the opportunity to use different tactics. Even if it was random, or could be set how you want each time you decided to play a mission, give you the chance to make it harder or easier.