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  1. It can indeed be hard if you're being reckless. Make sure you have at least some communication between your partner or you're in a world of pain since team work is vital in this mode. I wish they'd at least had a checkpoint system, like if you'd make it halfway you could at least restart from that point instead of having to constantly start from the beginning. Though failure being permanent makes you play a lot more safe which is kinda fun. They really need more co-op missions though -- 6 is just pathetic and they're not very lengthy either.
  2. SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals on the Playstation 2 used this feature and it worked quite well, at least from what I can remember. You could order your team mates to cover a objective, advance and all that jazz. I also remember Sub Command, a submarine simulator, using voice commands. Didn't work too well though. *Incoming enemy bomber* You: "Set my depth to 50 meters!" Crew: "Say again?" *MISSION FAILED*
  3. Yeah, I know. Although I wasn't sure who it was only that someone from INF works here.
  4. Probably been noted many, many times in the past but it would be totally awesome if gun sounds was added into the game in such a way that they sound like... you know, the real thing. I'm such a sucker for guns that sound really good in games and it annoys me when most of them don't really expand upon it. A great example of realistic gun sounds come from the Unreal Tournament modification "Infiltration", which I may guess most of you have played in the past. For those who haven't here's a video showcasing gameplay from INF.
  5. Thanks, much obliged!
  6. You can say I'm new here, recently registered a few weeks ago, but I've been following it since last year. Disturbingly I can't remember how I got here though, vaguely remember someone talking about it but can't be certain. Glad to be here though.