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  1. More photos for you guys!

    I didn't know you were Navy...sweet...I know a few Navy guys... Ever make it over to Camp Victory?
  2. Lucky Day?!

    Hey Congratulations WK...too bad I wasn't still in town or I'd be going. I took my son to this race last year - we had a blast. Well, you've been there know what its like. Nothing beats Saturday night short track racing... Enjoy!
  3. While I'm a big fan of the CryEngine (or should I say CryEngine 2) and Source, one only has to look at the history of the Unreal Engine, the number of games that use the Unreal Engine, and the future of the Unreal realize this was a really sound decision. I went out and purchased UT:3 (although I've never even played it) days before I deployed just so I could get the mod tools to bring along so I could try and teach myself some of the basics. Any advice, links, thoughts or any other information for someone who is stepping into the whole Unreal mod scene for the first time?
  4. Digital Distribution

    well yeah...250GB a month is high...but who knows where that will end up in the years to come...especially if other Internet providers follow suit. Here where I monthly usage is regulated and though I haven't come close to exceeding's amazing how quick it adds up. If the connection was more stable...I'm sure I would exceed it. Back on topic now...heh heh...apologies for steering us away a bit... Wouldn't it be awesome to come up with a revolutionary way to distribute this game...I remember a few years back reading Masters of Doom when the whole shareware thing rocked the gaming world... Ah...but that's the hard part I JS has indicated...there isn't a complete solution available for them. There should be...we just have to think of what it could be.
  5. Digital Distribution

    Although I tell myself I prefer getting a box and CD or DVD when I purchase a game...the truth is I've kind of grown fond of Steam. I like how it tracks all your games and their update status. The backup function works pretty good and comes in handy for those that reformat often. That being said...there was an article linked at Google about Comcast's decision to begin limiting data transfer. I wonder how relevant the article is to this discussion...I have to tell's a little alarming...especially when you're used to paying for a service and getting unlimited access...will other companies follow suit... "In response to heavy usage that can cause network congestion, Comcast will impose a limit on users of its home Internet service. While Comcast says the monthly limit of 250GB of data is high, some industry watchers speculate the Comcast policy signals the start of a new trend." First offense for exceeding will earn you a warning phone call...second offense could earn you a 1 year shut down of service. Read the article here.
  6. Experience with Buffalo NAS devices?

    I have one of the original Buffalo network storage devices...back when they were still measured in MB and not TB. I've never had any problems with great. One thing to note though, the interface is accessed through your browser much like how you can access your router thru a browser window. Anyway, the interface seems a little...quirky. Not really cheezy, just kind of bland. A minor complaint I know. Might be upgraded in newer models.
  7. Happy Birthday WhiteKnight77 !

    Hope I'm not late...Happy Birthday!
  8. Fish out of water...

    Some of you are already aware but most probably are not... I'm just under two weeks away from deploying to Iraq for a year. This will be my first "boots on the ground" perspective as I'm used to being at periscope depth, watching waiting wondering... I won't be at the tip of the spear like some of the others here have been...I'll be in more of a support role; but I guess once you're there, anything can happen. Anyway, for those that might be interested in keeping in touch, I've set up a myspace page to document my travels. Although it was originally intended for family and friends, there are many of you here that I consider friends, so I decided to leave it open. You don't need a myspace account to view it, but you do need one if you want to leave comments. Check it out here.
  9. Indiana Jones

    well...I actually liked Phantom maybe I'm in for a treat... w00t!
  10. What weapons do you own?

    I like that! Really, that's all that matters.
  11. Just cos I know youd like it...

    Is that ZJJ? Just kidding...heh heh. (Hopefully she doesn't ban me)
  12. '24' Season 7

    Well, if everyone would just listen to him...the name of the show would be 12...the only reason it takes 24 hours is because of all the setbacks caused by inept operators. While I agree that the seasons are starting to be a little repetitive...they still manage to pull off some, "OMG, what just freakin' happened" moments." For example, when Jack shot (and killed) his good buddy Curtis to save a known terrorist - I had one of those moments. I had to pause the rest of the show and seriously debated ever watching it again...even DVR'd it for 2 weeks before I would watch again...but it drew me back in. That's what the writers want...they want you to show some emotion. That's why they have no problem killing off all the main characters... It's Chloe's turn, me thinks.
  13. Indiana Jones

    The wait is almost over...just a few days now. Will be interesting to see how it compares in sales to Iron Man. Regardless, I'm sure its going to be a blockbuster. Early reviews are positive. I'm going to take the kids to see it on Friday. Can't wait.
  14. What weapons do you own?

    I shot the new Ruger SR9 (well, I guess its not that new anymore) at the range over the weekend. I had considered buying one but don't think I would after shooting it. Don't get me shot okay. It's very slim and would probably be easier to conceal, but it just didn't feel comfortable in my hand. A little too light, maybe. The construction just didn't seem as solid as I thought it would. I've read tons of good things about them, so I guess it just comes down to personal preference.
  15. '24' Season 7

    I love 24 no matter how cheezy the plots get. Heh Heh. I'll watch it. "Jack Bauer sleeps with a pillow under his gun"