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  1. I have to admit, I also <3 college. I'm a junior at Stanford, and it's just awesome. I'm having the most fun of my life, and, like SnakeATWAR, also without consuming mind-altering substances (besides, of course, caffeine!). GPA is above 3.0, but I don't know by how much after my last quarter . . . RAbbi, I envy your football team! Ours is singularly inconsistent and bizarre (but of course we do great at all of the sports no one cares about . . . ) Also, enjoy the next few years! You're going to have a great time.
  2. I downloaded over 1,100 pictures from and then set my screen saver to a slide show of the pictures. It's great fun just to watch my screen saver sometimes!
  3. @BOTA:49 Possibly the best one yet.
  4. From my room in the SF Bay Area to Universal: 2,805 miles, 38 days and 1 hour transit time.
  6. True enough, HF. Just, even with all this NORG around, I never thought I'd see MP given that attention to realism. I salute you and the team, sir! :notworthy:
  7. Agreed. I really want a planning stage before the missions. However, I'd like to be able to change things on the fly to react to changing situations. Sort of a hybrid of OGR and Rainbow 6--you make a plan before the mission, but you can alter it significantly in the mission if required.
  8. For multiplayer? Absolutely not, they don't have to be real countries. For a single player campaign? Absolutely they do.
  9. Haha, good one Snowfella. I've seen lots of people make that mistake time and time again.
  10. Is there even a playable character from FC2 that has that haircut, though?
  11. My parents had to deal with that when I grew up in DC, but since then I've moved to sunny California, where there are no seasons! . . . comparatively, at least.
  12. Yeah, Nouty, I think I misunderstood your post a little bit. I think we're talking about two fundamentally different things though--we're comparing Rogue Spear-type situations with Ghost Recon-type situations. I was thinking that it does make perfect sense if, as in GR, you get hit by a high-powered rifle bullet, whether it hits your armor or not, you're going to get bumped around a little bit. Wasn't thinking about 9mm rounds when I said that, but your point about smaller rounds and body armor is well-taken. That said, how much body armor is usually worn by SOF forces? I would think that it would be less than what is worn by SWAT/RAINBOW type guys, but I don't know at all.
  13. Ooh, nice. Where did you get that one?
  14. yes But I'm pretty sure they're not controllable by the player.