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  1. I <3 College!

    I have to admit, I also <3 college. I'm a junior at Stanford, and it's just awesome. I'm having the most fun of my life, and, like SnakeATWAR, also without consuming mind-altering substances (besides, of course, caffeine!). GPA is above 3.0, but I don't know by how much after my last quarter . . . RAbbi, I envy your football team! Ours is singularly inconsistent and bizarre (but of course we do great at all of the sports no one cares about . . . ) Also, enjoy the next few years! You're going to have a great time.
  2. Screensaver

    I downloaded over 1,100 pictures from and then set my screen saver to a slide show of the pictures. It's great fun just to watch my screen saver sometimes!
  3. You're doing it Wrong Thread

    @BOTA:49 Possibly the best one yet.
  4. Google Map Direction: by walking-Beta

    From my room in the SF Bay Area to Universal: 2,805 miles, 38 days and 1 hour transit time.
  5. First Websites That You Visit
  6. True enough, HF. Just, even with all this NORG around, I never thought I'd see MP given that attention to realism. I salute you and the team, sir! :notworthy:
  7. Pre-Mission Planning

    Agreed. I really want a planning stage before the missions. However, I'd like to be able to change things on the fly to react to changing situations. Sort of a hybrid of OGR and Rainbow 6--you make a plan before the mission, but you can alter it significantly in the mission if required.
  8. For multiplayer? Absolutely not, they don't have to be real countries. For a single player campaign? Absolutely they do.
  9. You're doing it Wrong Thread

    Haha, good one Snowfella. I've seen lots of people make that mistake time and time again.
  10. Guess what movie

    Is there even a playable character from FC2 that has that haircut, though?
  11. Leaves in New England

    My parents had to deal with that when I grew up in DC, but since then I've moved to sunny California, where there are no seasons! . . . comparatively, at least.
  12. One shot kills

    Yeah, Nouty, I think I misunderstood your post a little bit. I think we're talking about two fundamentally different things though--we're comparing Rogue Spear-type situations with Ghost Recon-type situations. I was thinking that it does make perfect sense if, as in GR, you get hit by a high-powered rifle bullet, whether it hits your armor or not, you're going to get bumped around a little bit. Wasn't thinking about 9mm rounds when I said that, but your point about smaller rounds and body armor is well-taken. That said, how much body armor is usually worn by SOF forces? I would think that it would be less than what is worn by SWAT/RAINBOW type guys, but I don't know at all.
  13. Desktop wallpapers!

    Ooh, nice. Where did you get that one?
  14. vehicles

    yes But I'm pretty sure they're not controllable by the player.