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  1. Nobody "##### in my cheerios this morning?"
  2. It's not whether East Berlin was communist, it is about how it is depicted by Hollywood in this movie - over the top theatrics of Soviet Flags from cieling to floor (not sure if I was watching a GI Joe movie trailer or a Wolfenstain game trailer) or the dark and violent East Berlin setting (perhaps another Batman movie trailer, starring Tom Hanks?) - an this was just a trailer. Even though it is based on some historical evens of the Cold War, unfortunately, this movie is a silly propaganda flick and in my eyes even Tom Hanks cannot add credibility to this sad excuse of a movie. I don't need to be convinced that Socialism/Marxism/Fascism is socio-economically derimental, I just need to look where the current world is heading under the current Socialist/Marxist/Fascist leaders and the answer is clear, no need for Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.
  3. A Hollywood movie embellishing, well that almost never happens - queue a cliche commie East Berlin setting.
  4. Hollywood's trying to cash-in on Damon's star-power (or something), which in my mind kind of kills it for me. Thankfully he did not play a major role in Interstellar (a key plot role yes, but not a key character role).
  5. Thanks for clarifying.
  6. To me it almost looks like the red and green circles (of influence) should be hearing and the yellow one should be sight (LoS). I imagine the cirlces are not in a fixed state and can be adjusted for ambient/environmental condictions. Thank you for the video.
  7. How about the SIX12: Also, *edit1: https to http
  8. historically, "the word of mouth" is the best way to sell anything, IF it is good.
  9. Could NYR 32 update the FAQ's, since it still reads "Holiday" 2008, or am I missing something. That way, nobody will be forced to regret that permanent body tattoo, of the release date Thanks.
  10. In a "perfect world" you would not need to be vulnerable or have the need to jump or crawl away from bullets...but, what do I know, not much.
  11. In my opinion, no matter how much we shall discuss this or any other topic/thread, we have to trust the BF team that they shall make all the features such as jumping with lots of discussion, trial and testing on their end. So "proper" jumping (although a relative statement) will take place. Unless otherwise noted: - We know that there will be jumping in the game. - Jumping will be unlike anything seen before....
  12. Could the "Jumping or not Jumping" thread ( be added to the 'Important Topics' and locked? I think Hatcherforce has summed up the whole discussion-thread nicely. Anything after that would just be beating a dead horse. Thank you kindly for your consideration.
  13. Awesome. I think a lot of people will be creaming their shorts if TrackIR will deliver, with an improved in-game experience.
  14. Thank you guys, I thought it was just that, but could not confirm it. The reason for asking about GRAW (connection) protocol was that (when I used to play the game) it almost felt like that players with high pings, 250+, had an in-game advantage. Experienced it once myself, when my network connection slowed to a crawl and I had a ping of 999 all of a sudden. In those moments, I was able to target and shoot everyone easily (especially) when moving, but my opponents could not hit me, even if I was the size of a barn. It was NOT rare to see players with high pings top the ranks of a given server.
  15. Silly question, does someone know which protocol was/is used in GRAW(2)? Also, could I trouble someone to tell me what game is "OGR"? Thanks.