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  1. So how was the show that I wasn't invited to?
  2. Although it will be after your birthday by the time you get this, I still want to officially give you a birthday greeting on the proper day. Happy Birthday, old friend! From the looks of this thread, probably your only friend.
  3. I haven't either and I thought we were friends.
  4. Happy Birthday, Colin. I hope you had a great day.
  5. So true! Thanks, Colin.
  6. Of course you did. Did you part with any of your 200+ T-shirts? Like some that go back to the 70's?
  7. Can anyone say "hoarder"? I was surprised he got rid of a lot of his magazines!
  8. I'm having a severe case of déjà vu.
  9. So you will visit if I buy you food, but you don't visit just for the hell of it? Why do I feel like I'm buying a friendship? Side note: where is a moderator when you need one, this thread has sorely gotten of topic.
  10. Then why are you complaining? You don't even eat what you have.
  11. You always had a source for anything from Wisconsin. See if I bring you anything back from my trip. humpf
  12. Thanks y'all! What is most amazing is that I'm willing to admit I'm fifty! It was great to hear from everyone at work say that I don't look fifty... and they weren't implying that I looked older than 50.
  13. I did a lot of reading on it's origins after I posted. There are references where it didn't become vulgar until 1960's; yet other references have it being used in the 1700s. I'm over it now so it doesn't matter to me. lol
  14. I didn't say profanity wasn't a part of WWII (or in current military), I was saying that I don't think the "F" word was one of the curse words used back then; that at the time is was more a verb then a curse. I could be wrong but I thought it became a curse word during my lifetime and I was not alive during WWII. :shrug:
  15. Saw this move the other night. At first I was put off my all the "f" this and "f" that. I realize it is a military movie and that it would not be out character except that I don't think that word was in use as a curse word in 1945. That level of cursing either stopped quickly or I got used to it quickly. There was only one part that I totally didn't get and why it was in the movie. Overall, a good movie.