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  1. CS or Lean?

    Yes, exactly what I was trying to say but you explained it better. Maybe the computer determines what shoulder you point towards the wall based on the angle you come up too the wall, and which way you're looking. If you want to switch shoulders you tap either lean button(dpad left or right) So while holding down "LB", HOLDING DOWN left or right on the dpad will make you lean, but TAPING either left or right on the dpad will make you change shoulders. Your body would conform fluidly with the way your moving, which way you are looking, and how close you are to the edge limit. The edge limit would change according to the angle you are looking.
  2. CS or Lean?

    New Here, I think it's great what BFS is doing on this sight. I think there might be a good CS system for every one especially the leaners, it's not really a CS system but an invisible edge limit and a automated system to help you use your cover better. And it never goes to a 3rd person view. And it doesn't take lean anywhere away.It might be difficult to explain and I'm more of a Xbox guy so I'll try to explain in terms of using with a xbox controller. Say you're coming up to wall and with in five or so feet of the wall You hold down a bottun(lets say LB) and it sets a limit of how far you can move over towards the edge of the wall with out exposing your self to the direction witch you're looking at. Once you hit this limit any more movement to the edge(exposing your self) will be slowed down to make more controllable, any movement the opposite way(back behind cover) will be as fast as normal depending on stance. This will help you know or feel that your as close to the edge as can be without exposing your self so you can lean over to see/shoot around the edge wile exposing only what should be exposed. letting you move beyond cover but slowly(not to slowly) will help you get a better angle in some situations but being able to precisely control how much/little you expose of your body leaning or not. When you want the soft limit to go away you simply let go of LB. Getting in and out of the edge limit should be quick and seamless or it wont work. When you hit LB to activate the "edge limit" It would NOT suck you up against the wall or put your back to the wall, it would turn ether shoulder toward the wall(for a proper stance to lean) depending on what edge your at or moving too.(left or right) allowing you to move any where within 5 ft. to a couple inches of the wall behind the wall. All this wile letting you move as fast as normal as long as your not beyond the edge limit Now you might be thinking "all this for an edge limit, I can get as close to the edge with exposing my self and all that other junk with out an edge limit!" but it gets a lil more complicated. The edge limit is not only for left and right edges but, also for the top edge. Say your virtual soldier is 6 ft but his cover wall is 5ft. 6in. Usually if he doesn't crouch he is exposing the top of his head. In this case You would hold down LB, and you soldier will bend over to an optimal position to not expose himself but still keeping the most freedom of movement possible that might not be possible fully crouched. This is also where the over the top peek comes in. Your cover is 6 inches shorter then you so in order to peek/shoot over the top you want the top of your head to be as close to the top edge with out exposing yourself. You would then hold the top peek button to pop up and shot, only exspose what is necessary for a person to shoot over the top of something. This would also give you optimal cover on even lower things buy getting you the optimal position on anything as low as 2.5/3 ft. Then there are eregular shapes such as a half circle with the curved edge at the top for cover . in this case when you get up to the wall you hold LB and your edge limit is curved. Say you start in th middle witch is the highest part of the half circle, as you move left or right your soldier would automatically start bend over to get lower with the curve of the cover then you could left lean right lean or top peek around the curve to get a look or shoot some one.Same thing goes for slanted and jagged top edges. Then there are slanted, jagged and, steped left and right edges holding down LB would conform your body realistically to the best position for those edges. Then there are tress. I always hated it in games when your trying to cover behind a tree and you keep your shoulders square with the direction your trying to get cover from. Instead of turning your shoulder towards the tree and giving the slimmest possible profile towards the direction your trying to cover from. In this case wile looking towards the tree and on witch side you want to take cover you hold LB and and turns your shoulder and gives you an edge limit so you know your getting the most cover possible from small to large tress. Maybe having a limit on doing this on trees that are to skinny to provide any kind of descent cover. Now you might be thinking how are you going to implement a control sceam that lets you hold down the edge limit button and still be able to move forward, back, left, right, lean left, lean right, and top peek. Well I know how i would do it on a Xbox 360 controller. Regular controls, Ltrigger= scope, Lbumper = CS/edge limit button, Rtrigger= shoot, Rbumper= run, Lanalog stick=movement Ranalog stick= aim, Dpad UP= stand up/crouch Dpad Down= crouch/prone Dpad left= lean left Dpad right= lean right. I'm not covering the rest of the buttons because they are not impotent right now. Scope, cs/edge limit, and both leans have to be held down to work. Wile holding down LB all buttons are the same accept the dpad. While holding down LB edge limit and your body conforming to cover will activate and Dpad buttons change as follows. Both leans work the same but now holding the up button on the Dpad gives you top peek and depending on the cover left and up and right and up make you top peek to the left or right. Taping down on the Dpad changes between standing/optimal cover stance and crouch. If optimal stance is lower then crouch down on the dpad does nothing. While holding LB you can't go prone cause there is not much use for it as your as low as you can go and are already moving slow enough you don't need an edge limit. Hopefully this isn't a rehash of an earlier idea, if so I hope it brings up lil different or more specific details.