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  1. I'm really looking forward to an intelligent FPS with modern day graphics! Nice to see the satisfaction of completing the mission as the impetus once again! Missed playing this type of game since the buggy but fun Hidden and Dangerous and the early Rainbows. Glad the game is back on my radar!
  2. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    Try here:
  3. Voice commands

    If it's a purely financial reason for not implementing into the vanilla game, how about releasing it later as an add-on?
  4. So who still plays COOP anyways?

    Played Vegas in Co-op, enjoyed it a lot more than the SP. Only bugbear I have with it is it really does need Voice communication to work properly, text doesn't cut it for me.
  5. Health System [Medics?]

    Good points and some good ideas in this thread. I'd like to see a MedPack for a team member, available at outfitting, rather than a dedicated medic. It's been pointed out that SOF are trained to a higher degree of medical capability than ordinary soldiers, so I don't see a need for a "dedicated" medic over a "designated" medic. Just a thought but maybe a quick visual indicator that you've been hit would work, screen blacks or reds out then clears? Coupled with a ringing in your ears for a few seconds. I don't think a visual indicator of where you've been hit is necessary, if so maybe a visual representaion in the black/redout, like a line drawing of a leg or chest, not very NORG but hey! As for team members' value, how about their reaction times improve over time? Don't know how easy that would be to code, but would be good to see AI taking less thinking time to take cover, be more intuitive about their positioning and co-operation with each other. Slight improvements in weapon skills and abilities as they are used? Think that would be NORG, the longer you serve with someone the better you work together.
  6. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    I've come to this thread a bit late but having read through most of it I'm a tad concerned by some of the posts. At least now I know I wasn't a "smart soldier" during my time because in a lot of situations I preferred to use my Iron Sights, which I took time to zero properly, over the SUSAT. Personally I found the wider field of vision offered by using the Iron Sight outweighed the benefits of the SUSAT except at long range, 300 metres or less was Iron sight range. Which leads to another comment on a post - that there are situations when I would switch the sight I was using "mid-combat". I'm also confused by references to shooting from the "Ready Position" as being the same as "Shooting from the hip". From my experience of shooting from the Ready Position and my understanding of "shooting from the hip" the two are not the same. The Ready position is where the rifle is held muzzle down from the shooting position, allowing the sights to be brought to the eye when a shot is required. Totally different from an unaimed shot from a weapon held horizontally at hip height. I'm glad there will be no cross hairs and I'm looking forward to seeing how aiming is implemented in the game. One thing that always breaks the immersion for me is a 3d model of a wepaon pointing stright forward from the middle of the screen, I hope and trust BFS can get it right.
  7. Wot would you like to see randomized?

    Yeah I like randomsness in missions, adds life to the game, both in playability and replayability I think. As far as reinforments go though I would prefer a degree of "reactivity" built into that sytem, so that a slow covert approach stands less chance than an assault approach in attracting reinforcements. At mission start though, if the parameters are set in the mission briefing, i.e. "There is a strong possibility of supporting Armour in the area." Then I don't see a problem even with the tanks showing up. After all you've already been warned they are there.
  8. Depends on our, and BFS', reaction to it I guess. We all like to see constructive posts, I probably have even higher hopes for this title than BFS. But if you get the detractors in early and respond to what they are saying positively then a negative thread can be turned into a positive, as this one has. Knowing that some segments of the market aren't going to like the game is no bad thing either, so what, means you don't have to cater to their whims. It certainly hasn't burst my hopes for a great game.
  9. NORG Explained

    iii) ^^^^^^^^^^
  10. I buy games first and foremost based on their SP campaign and gameplay. I'll give MP a try and if I'm lucky and hit a good map with good players I'll play for a while. More often than not though the MP games I have played were ruined by one or two others and I won't buy MP exclusive for that reason. I think there are only three scenarios which could lead to the game failing: 1) Not picked up by a publisher, which seems unlikely. 2) Signing up to a publisher too early in development, bit late for that one by the looks of things. 3) Granting too much control or too many rights to the publisher. I also think that the market for the game will be somewhat broader than even BFS are expecting. There is a whole new generation of gamers out there who have never experienced anything like this before. Not all will be attracted to it of course but I think, recalling my youth, a significant percentage will. Add that to those of us who have been waiting for this game and that's a lot of numbers.
  11. NORG Explained

    So would two valid examples of NORG manifested in-game be: Scenario: Investigate/Clear a House. i) A player uses terrain advantage to approach unseen, monitors the building, establishes enemy presence, uses sniper fire to eliminate perimeter guards and provides overwatch while ordering squads to breach and clear. ii) A player runs over a hill alone towards a house firing rounds blindly until he's out of ammunition, picks up another weapon and a 'grenade found lying on the battlefield, lobs the 'grenade and stands up to spray the enemy with rounds and dies as his weapon jams and the dud grenade lands harmlessly at the feet of his foe. Both being real-world, even if one ill-advised, examples to accomplish the same goal, leading to the natural conclusion as it would be in the real-world, facilitated by game-play by teh inclusion of teh dropped weapons.
  12. AI target identification and alertness

    I'd like to see some realistic reactions from AI too, there are some great ideas above. I'd be willing to sacrifice graphical "polish" for better game mechanics, anyone else?
  13. Please, NO RANKINGS!

    No Unlockables! Maybe moddable unforms so clans can award badges or stripes to their members. Don't see why ranking can't be implemented in some way in single player though. And just to, sort of, contradict myself - Maybe non-issue weapons picked up in-mission could be reurned to base and used in future missions?
  14. CS or Lean?

    I like cover and I like lean, in different situations. But the point I wanted to make is; This is a new game in a new franchise, you don't have to legacy code any mechanic. Code what works best for the game and it's feel. Personally I think that rules out any 3rd person views.
  15. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    This is my first time here and all I can say after seeing the teasers is WOW! I'm really looking forward to this game, it's like has been AWOL from my shelves too long. Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but will the longer grass provide concealment? A Pic maybe? Keep up the excellent work and I'm astounded there are still developers around with your ethics! Thanks for giving me some Hope. John K.