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  1. Ground Branch looks as if it could be the game we have all been waiting for! I have already seen more response from a forum manager in this one thread, than I have seen in the entire Ubisoft forums. If you want to see how not to make a game, and how to to really make gamers mad, check out the Ubisoft forums! You could gain some insight there! I personally am really looking forward to the release of Ground Branch, and will check often to watch it progress!! Is there any tentative date for release, or is it too early to provide that information? I have a PS3, but only play FPS on PC, so I hope Ground Branch will be optomized for PC, and not a port from console as Vegas and Vegas 2 are! Good luck with what could be one of the best games of all time!!
  2. I have been playing Vegas 1 and now Vegas 2. Although they are supposed to be realistic, they both still fall short in many areas! They also don't have a true SADS. Will Ground Branch include Multiplayer CO-OP and if so, how many players will it support?? Will the Ai be intelligent, or just spawn out of thin air and rush as they do in Vegas 2. (I think Ubisoft is working on a fix for this problem) Will Ground Branch have a true SADS with a graphical interface so it will be easy to administer and will it be stable? Vegas 2 requires the full game be installed to run SADS, Punkbuster to be able to administer, and it crashes often! (As does Ubisofts master server) I and my group of over 30 players (We don't do clans) are looking for a new tactical FPS, but have been disappointed with both Vegas versions. I am hoping Ground Branch is that game. Has there been an approximate release date?? I can't seem to find much information on this game! Thanks Guys!!!