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  1. Is there a name for this title?

    Gratz on the title. Sounds really good. Hope to see more from you all.
  2. Multiplayer Maps and Bots?

    quoted for truth. i feel the bots would be a nice touch, but please put the time into the things that are needed.
  3. Spec. ops squad vs. 40 terrorists...again?

    As long as the AI is not compensated for being Elite by tagging instant headshots from across the level with a pistol, then i am more than happy. Make the appearance of difficulty by having them use more tactics(Bangs,smoke,frags etc). I hated getting dealged from across the tracks on oil refinery in raven shield by some bald fake nazi in a leather jacket. Please make them look the part and act it. Thats all i want from AI.
  4. Will you be able to track enemies by sound?

    Sound really isnt that critical, unless you are one of those people that rely on the "dial out all sounds but footsteps with my Livedrive and EQ" tactics. Sound is critical if you want immersion into the game.
  5. Performance vs. Hardware requirements

    Bottom line for this discussion is very simple. "Gameplay>Graphics" Follow this and you will do great. Make the GAME great, not "the game LOOK great"
  6. Replays

    Features needed in the replay system can be summed up rather quickly. "Rogue Spear Replays"
  7. BFS Have you given thought to the following?

    Things like this annoy me to no end. It doesnt matter what the graphics are. It comes to one thing and one thing only. Who shoots first. As long as the game has this down pat( where if you fire first you kill what you are shooting at), then we should be in good hands. But if its where you see a guy with his back to you, and you spray him with an assault rifle,hell a pistol, and he turns around and kills you, then that will kill a game. Dont worry about graphics and if people are going to cheat or not. ITS GOING TO HAPPEN. Period. The honest players wind up only playing against each other anyway. Next thing people will be complaining about is people who sound whore (deicide: I am looking at you. =) ) and own with audio. If someone pays the money for the sound card , and a live drive, then they deserve to own. If its not that important to you, then don't worry about it. Otherwise put out the money for gear and try to keep up with them. I choose to play stock , with my 20 dollar headphones, my "barely meet recommended settings" computer. I still own , get owned, etc. But i have fun doing it, and outsmart these so called people that have an advantage. So if i can do it, there are tonnes of people that can .
  8. CS or Lean?

    The Genre is called "First Person Shooter" not "First person Over the Shoulder Around Corners Gayness Shooter" There is absolutely no consequnce of hiding behind said wall, and just waiting for the next fool to come down a hall not seeing you and your wonderful "i can see you, but you cant see me " cheat. At least with a true lean, you have to expose yourself , just like in real life. Even if the rollout is just the weapon and half of the helmet, it is still visible. Whereas if you have cover, nothing is visible and you have a complete line of sight that is not realistic. If you put your back to a wall , you should not be able to continue the view in said direction, you should be looking the other way. Its great for that whole "Arcadey" feel, But most of the fans here want realism, with a touch of game added so that you do not lose that Fun factor.
  9. Getting knocked down by a bullet?

    The reason people say that rounds will "knock you off kilter" is becuase when a large round is passing through you (7.62,.223,etc) it smashes bones arteries and muscles. Its human nature to for a person to recoil backwards becuase they have just been hit in the lungs by a large quarter sized mushroom in the chest(center of balance), blowing a fist size hole out the back. So the tendency is there to fall backwards quickly becuase your system just shut down. Anyone who has seen someone shot by large calibre weapons knows that people react this way, but not all do. Some just drop straight down, some fall forward. You are still getting shot, possibly dead, regardless.So you shall drop. just in different directions.
  10. Crysis

    That has to be at least a 12 thousand dollar computer. Thats absolutely retarded. I want this editor so bad. Imagine the freedom you would have, and the user created content you could get. Unlike the RvS one, hover over one of the windows and it crashes.
  11. I would like to see a mode created by players in rogue spear. Rabbit: One player each round is picked as the rabbit, gets fully loaded to the hilt with weapons and counter measures(flash bangs, HBS(if being used), etc). The remaining players hunt him. Points are scored where you get a point for killing the rabbit, but you lose two if the rabbit kills you. Something to that effect anyway.
  12. One thing that's a must have from Ravenshield

    lol i hear ya there Shadow.
  13. Introduce yourself

    Hello all, my Name is Tony, and my in game name has been =AO=Pistol_King for the last four years playing raven shield. As Ex_Con*NBK I played Rogue spear and urban ops to death, but didnt get into the MP section of GR. I loved it single player. Most of the people that play with me know i love to drop the F bomb, and mostly everyone in raven shield is used to it by now.I have over the last few years taught myself to use 3ds max,the RvS editor(Thx to RVSmaps.com), and the Half-Life 2 editor(hammer). Only becuase i felt that the gamers needed more choices for maps and weapons. None of my maps have made heavy rotation, but i thousands of ideas, and look forward to putting them to digital form. I have played against matched most of the RvS'ers in here, so it is one big happy family. Glad to see all you supporting this team.
  14. Campaign theme?

    What about an internal Mole hunt for someone leaking secrets,and there is some side story about a lone agent getting intel, and then sending you all in. Just a thought. Then that would allow for the "Rainbow vs Rainbow" scenario.
  15. Weapons

    Thank you john for the speedy reply. Your project looks very promising.