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    Legion of Sparta is an Ultra Tactical Adult only gaming group, in association with several major groups.

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  1. I don't know what all the fuss is about, I've been dual booting for 2 years now and no problems. All you none converts get to 64bit or are you still in XP world I boot Vista 64 or Vista 32bit, as smooth as silk, for gaming, editing, moding, design, rendering etc etc..... I love die hard 32bit Xp users. p.s. if you want real dual boot, use 2 separate boot drives & bios switch the O/S. Don't forget to backup your system on a regular basis and you'll have a great life.
  2. Push the boat out BF, Happy New Year & all the best for the titles.
  3. Click the link (or pic) and try your best p.s. Don't blame me if BFS, now loose several days development on GB while trying to fly the paper airplane (did get 96Meters) Tip: smooth throw .... (have fun)
  4. Safe to assume then, Js is still running his XT? Operating system IBM BASIC / PC-DOS 2.0 / SCO Xenix CPU Intel 8088 @ 4.77 MHz Memory 128KB ~ 640KB
  5. Thanks all for the update intel,
  6. I just did too, I hope I sent it to the right group ?;f=2&id=3 Where did I send my money to? or has this changed?
  7. Coop is still big, in the right groups, you can play with 1-2 or 8+ friends sometimes not enough for TDM but great for COOP. Operation Flashpoint Armed Assault. RainbowSix Vegas 2
  8. Not surprising is it ? I read very post, I thought about it all and concluded, the old school was for me & I will explain. The cover system takes you view to 3rd Person so you get the view angle to peek in effect, old school is true to life, like in OGR you took your chance or worked the angles with your team mates. The old style is harder, we like harder when it is appropriate but the cover system reflects in games like ArmA, OFP and a bunch of others, it has it's place and in my judgment that is in large scale combat. GroundBranch to my knowledge in not large scale combat, therefore, it should be offers as an option or not at all. I'm not a fuddy duddy, I like the spirit of team, anything that helps detract from you calling to your team for intel from another angle is arcade for me. Well I'm surprised how the score stands when I voted Good luck BF. thanks for asking too, now if it only gets implemented....