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  1. Don't make us ask. With that said, looks kinda surreal. And ominous.
  2. Nice.
  3. That's not the kind of open Lara we were thinking about...
  4. :lolup:
  5. Yay! Gothenburg!
  6. No monocles, no eyepatches or even a single tophat? I am disappoint.
  7. Looks T.H.E. phayce.
  8. Cool.
  9. No problem.
  10. Z0MGZ0RZ! Ray h4xx0rzed Kris' phone.
  11. Jeesh. If that's what Hormel's good foods look like, I don't even want to know what their medium line does.
  12. Does it come with beans, or is it just plain Spam?
  13. 80 hours in 3 days?
  14. If Delta Force counts as tactical, that' d be it. Otherwise, it was Rainbow Six.which I liked because of the realism and it not being Delta Force.