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  1. Planning Phase

    Woops......sorry. What you said though does work for rainbow. The book however is 350% more realistic than the game and the game is very un-realistic. Basically if GB lets you pre plan a few way points(10 maybe), support at least 3 teams, ability to modify/change way points in the game, and spot move other teams based on visual and auditory commands that would be cool while maintaining a larger, open field combat experiance like GRAW and Operation Flashpoint(though not as big as a 100kilometer island).
  2. video scaling...

    ALL my benchmarks are on 1920x1200 with 0xAA-0xAS SLI will give you a 70% increase on some supported games. The rest is variable depending on what mode you uses. (split the load or alternate). With a 2.5ghz 45nm quad core, 4gb's of memory(cas latency 4), 780i motherboard, and 28800GTS(G92) cards, antec900,750w power supply etc. you will get 30FPS in crysis on high for under $1700. Now if your a millionaire and really want to be good then run quad SLI using the latest 280 graphics from nvidia then you may push 45fps with crysis. Now personally I wouldn't spend that much on a pc. Not many games support crossfire and there aren't much good motherboards built for it. The nvidia 780I motherboard supports Tri-SLI, 45nm quad core processors, and 16gb of memory. PLEASE LETS NOT HAVE A STUPID FIGHT OVER NVIDIA OR ATI!!!! We might as well argue Intel and Amd at the same time
  3. Planning Phase

    I was thinking youd get a large city, like GRAW, and youd rough plan your other teams. Like say your atacking this 5 story building across from a large river and multiple bridges. It would be nice to set a team up on overwatch at a building on the oposite side and have a second team roughly flank arcross a low traffic bridge to the target. At the same time you can choose your own path to the right. Im not talking about 120 single waypoints ad go codes, just 3 or 4 to let the ai decide the right path based on enemy possitions and risk factor. This could be done in game with a paper and pencil or a dirt map dug into the road with a stick. Keeping it realsitic im pretty sure the soilders would have a GPS with an ability to upload images of local maps. You pretty much hit it right on the head, we both have similar ideas. Actually in the book the team has to wait for the call to move in on a situtation. Once there they dress like the cops and wait until they have to act. During that time they download the blue prints to small personal computers and plan a basic plan that should take no more than 12 seconds. This will not work with GB as GB is more open, BUT one of the teamates on GB would most likely carry a laptop with access to a satelite wich is close enough. They already do that nowadays. Rainbow dosn't even have that stuff. All they have are tiny laptops wich you can buy yourself wich they put they same type of software Rvs usess to plan ai routes. They use it as a visual aid. They then memorize the entire plan. For movement take OFP for example. All you have to say is (Bravo move to car 6 oclock - or more realistic - Bravo! Take cover 6 at the car before you get killed!) and the opposite team will move to the car for cover. All that level of control is expected for a soilder to have through communication and memory, as well as a handheld gps,radio, and paper map. You don't need a crosscom to talk to your team and point lol Thanks!
  4. video scaling...

    I would hope for SLI. Im getting 2 8800GTS(G92)'s and they will run crysis alone at 25FPS with the game set tto high. Im not worried about not running this game with 1 but sli would be preferable. 2 8800GTS(G92's) its less than $400 for both. I prefer the EVGA KO Super overclocked ones and thats 440. ATI hasn't come up with much new that avrg good FPS. Currently the nvidia 9 series and the new 200 series don't beat what the 8 series will do for the price so I doubt they will send something really good. Ati and Nvida are just about at a standstill. 28800GTS(G92) will beat a GTX and possible an Ultra so there are very good options for Nvidia fans.
  5. Planning Phase

    Exactly, we need to be able to plan ahead, but lets say a tank is spotted in the path of a team. It would be cool to be able to open a command map and add a detour. It would be nice to have spot commands for firefights. In rainbow six you can move your team to doors and stuff, but to be able to spot move other teams, lets say for players who don't want to plan ahead, that would be really cool. In ghost recon, the play station version allowed you to move you opposite team to whever you were pointing. Sadly I lost my ps2 and got an xbox that version didn't have the spot move feature and thats where I had your same problem. Maybe just maybe you can plan ahead, but when you need to deviate your second/third/possibly fourth team they can move to you possition but return to thier last/nearest way point at the press of a button. That would make detours much easier. Formations would be great. Basicly I feel there is a way to re-creat Full Spectrum Warrior into a First person shooter. The Controls would most likely have to be menu based but not complex. That I don't think is possible. -Aiden
  6. Planning Phase

    First off, the game looks great. If this is the wrong section please move it, sorry if it is! I've been a loyal Rainbow Six fan for a while. After Ubi took over after raven shield they took a lot of things out of the game that made R6 unique. The first was the planning phase, you used be able to coordinate 3 teams in a massive non linear map using go codes and stuff. This was awesome as it made you feel like you were part of a real elite counter terror group. I don't know if its possible but I would like to suggest a similar type of mode. By non-linear maps I mean Large buildings and cities that don't force you to take a set path, I also see that you guys have already thought dynamic maps and that's cool! The second thing would be to have customizable teams. I'm not trying to suggest cloning the old rainbow six games!, I'm just hoping to see some old features that have been long buried in the gaming industry. After so many years of playing raven shield its nice to see that a dev team wants to bring back a game similar in style. I wish you guys luck, Aiden