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  1. The ultimate in odd couples?

    Cbs link has changed here is the Youtube link Yeah that's pretty cool I had never heard that story and the area is only about 40-50 miles from me.
  2. Civil War Books

    I am Very intrested in the history or the War between the states and have been very lucky in my own pursuit of family history as my gggrandfather was in the 50th Tenn Inf. reg and left a trail of information about the campain to include Roll calls and ect. He joined at 18 when the call came to arms by the Govenor of Tennessee, A roll call shows him Enlisting at Cumberland City, Tn. and then moving to garrison Ft.Donelson of which was surrendered by Gen. Buckner. He then has a roll call in Camp Chase Ill. (POW) where it even states that he was very sick he was later swapped-traded or what ever they call it back to the CSA and rejoined his group in Vicksburg where the roll call shows he had pnemonia and stayed in the hospital for three months. He was part of many battles Vicksburg, Port Hudson, Shilo, Tilton Ga and later was released in NC where he stated that he walked home. When he was 79 the Government had a questionaire done on the surviving war vets and it is very intresting to read about how life was back then. From the Questionaire: Q: What type of home did you come from? A: I lived in a three room log cabin Q: How many Acres did you own? A: 100 acres (he does not state if this is his fathers land or his) Q: What type or work do you do? A: Farmer growing Sorgum, Corn , Wheat and ect. and mother dose the spinning weaving and feeding chores. Q: Did you own Slaves? A: No Q: How did you feel about Owning Slaves A: It was ok for others just did not have any. Q: How did you feel About Slave owners? A: I have no Problem with them. The Questionaire continues on this line of Federal Questioning and He give basic answers. I am Lucky that there are microfisch of the roll calls and what not and must say that for a young man to endure the hardships of war like that he grew up to be a fair and good man living till 80 years. I often visit his grave site which is upon a beautiful tree covered hill in the sticks of Tennessee and maybe one day will write a story of his life as I know it. A pic of me at his tombstone...
  3. Intel i7 CPUs

    My question is Why Upgrade now? What Can your current system not do and If needed it could be OC'ed, Same question to those with high end systems that OC now...what are you doing that takes that much resources I see guys all the time talk about thier new x295xxx cards and want that Oc'd. Of course in a couple of years we will all need to advance but at this current time can it really make a HUGE difference in our current games that we all play?
  4. Help With Arma!

    Need System specs !
  5. What game are you playing while waiting for GB?

    1: Mostly CoD4 but the run and gun style got old untill Rocky (Gr.Net) came up with a better game style of "crouch only" and other things to calm the game down to enjoyable play. 2: ArmA in Our Coop server, getting gready for OFP2 and or ArmA2.
  6. What was the first game you played multiplayer?

    My first game was a golf game that was played using Carbon Copy win 3.1 to get on line with my Compac 386e my brother Lived in Baton Rouge La and I was In Atlanta It was only a two player game. My First FPS game was Ghost Recon using SideWinder as Voip man has Teamspeak made a hell of a difference now compared to then. Talk about Green man was I green I had no Idea that killing my freinds (on my team) on line would tick off the other players, After getting kicked I learned real quick that they were serious and if I wanted to play on thier server I better follow the rules......haha an Admin's nightmare.
  7. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    Standing by for next set of sceenshots...over
  8. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    :Requesting permission to post teaser on Our Fourm.
  9. Release date ?

    Well All at The Legoin Of Sparta Are ready and set ! ! ! !