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  1. Recoil

    Not exactly, with a rifle like the M16 & M4, the spring is designed to transfer the recoil back, not as much up. Yes, under full auto there is a climb tendancy, but short bursts should reduce that. With a semi-auto hand gun, the slide is designed to "snap" the muzzle back on target, somewhat. A good grip on either should make follow up shots on target fairly accurate, with little effort from the shooter.
  2. Recoil

    The physics isn't the question. The question is the human reaction of assurting control of the felt recoil and applying it to the game. Given two seperate test subjects, one who has never shot a gun and one that shoots hundreds of rounds a week, which one will have better control/less felt recoil? No two people handle it the same way. I think that is the true topic of this thread.....how to achieve true recoil in aiming on this game. Well, focus on one shooter's reaction.
  3. Multiplayer gametypes

    Having been hooked on Siege from OGR, I have to say that MP game types that require strategy, team work, communication are a must! I thoroughly enjoyed playing Siege, especially once we started doing random zones! My team tore apart maps, made offense/defense strats for each and drilled in out manned situations. Team Death Match/Last Man Standing/Sharp Shooter game types are ok for making strats, but there are those who view that as a run and gun only game type. If you sit in an area, to control flow/protect spawn, whatever, you are called a camper, cheap, yah yah yah....but it is a strategy (to quote a fellow forum member). The idea is to be the last team alive right? Now....here's a thought for a MP game type... Try having a team v team game based on stealth. Team A (offense) has to get from point A to point B (both random) unnoticed. Team B has to patrol certain areas. The idea is to have a low body count/not be detected. Give bonuses for actually making that happen. Give penalties for not following the rules (ie: abandoning your post if you are team . The maps could have random choke points, streets that were open one time may not be the next....just a thought.
  4. Recoil

    Being an avid shooter who is always trying to improve, I have discovered that the factors involved are 90% shooter specific. Given the fact that the characters are suposed to be professionals, they then should have the mechanics down pat....making the on target hits player specific. Therefore a single dot, or ring, instead of cross hairs, should be used. The dot can be effected by movement, direction and speed, rate of fire (based on angle of recoil of the specific weapon). What's the best way to do that? Why not look into using the suits they use to achieve realistic movements of athletes for sports games? Get an "expert" to shoot stationary, moving, aiming, from the hip.....
  5. The 1911 in GB

    By the looks of the features on the 1911, noteably the magwell, I'd say it's probably a Wilson Combat. I kinda like the look of the Hogue Grips myself. Being able to customize the 1911 in the game sounds neat, but does it really make a difference? Speaking of magazines and their capacities, the 8 round mags from Wilson Combat are extremely reliable. With the magwell, that extra round takes up the extended length. That way the buttplate doesn't have to be too big. Just some thoughts from a 1911 fan.
  6. No PC achievments

    I agree 100%. I am just saying that if they ARE going to include achievments, tailor them to team play. Or make them game dependant. Example, kills in LMS, ect.
  7. Bullet Dynamics

    True there is no difference in the rifle itself. The meaning to my "standard" Navy was regarding the setting BFZ. Since, on ships, you will not use the M16 unless they are within the 100yrds. There are other gun mounts for the longer distances.
  8. Bullet Dynamics

    Well, the idea is to set each weapon with the charactoristics, set the trajectory "limitations" and let the players shoot away!
  9. Bullet Dynamics

    All the factors being what they are, the biggest ones are fairly standard. Barrel Length, Rifle Twist, Bullet Weight. Given the assumption that all NATO 5.56 (.223) amo has a bullet weight of 55grms, the M16 has a 20" barrel and both the M16 and M4 uses the 1/7 twist, would mean that the only real difference would be gun specific. So, once again, the charactoristics would be set to each item specifically. Right?
  10. Bullet Dynamics

    What rifle was used? My experience, which is "standard" Navy M16, is we sighted at 100, shot to 200.
  11. Bullet Dynamics

    The effective range is in that area for most combat riffles. The BZ is still set at 100. That gives room for adjustments in most directions. Granted, the setting could possibly be 200yrds, but don't think so.
  12. Bullet Dynamics

    Oh that's awesome!! Well, that explains the search results....different wording. Well, the ricochets can be interesting. Since, contrary to belief, a bullet will ricochet and travel along the area hit, about 2 feet from.
  13. No PC achievments

    I think there is something to be said about either side of the arguement. The problem I see is that unless you give it all up front, clan matches could suffer. Let's say that Gamer A is still trying to accomplish something online. That person is in a match, sees an opporunity and attempts, but fails. Thus costing the round, possibly the match. Not exactly an ideal situation. However, for those that NEED them.....put them somewhere else, like CO-OP modes. Make them work as a team, with others. Like for example, a sniper achievement: Nick of Time, where as a sniper, you save a team mate's life because you shot someone trying to shoot them. Or, a good CQB one would be First In, where you and another must successfully breach and clear a room. Something like that, that takes two or more to accomplish. Just my thoughts.
  14. Bullet Dynamics

    I am a huge fan of FPS, Tac-Sims and realistic shooting / team based tactical shooters. I loved Ghost Recon (xbox player). My suggestion would be to impliment bullet dynamics. The information is out there regarding travel, trajectory, range, rate of damage degradation and bullet drop, for example. What I want to see, my wishlist I guess, is having to adjust your aim for shots at longer distances. Most combat rifles are sighted in at 100yrds. Adjustments in aim (the quickest way) are necessary to hit at longer distances. That is why a lot of optics have range finder/adjustments built in (mildot). We all know (I hope) that a bullet travels up, then down, plus side to side in heavy enough winds. Not many know that at extreme distances, a bullet with be moved due to the Coriolis Force? Depending on the direction, and location, will determine the direction the force is pushing from. Just about any bullet will penetrate drywall and plaster, all rounds used in combat will penetrate block walls. Some go through two, others deflect upon impact. In the original GR, the guns definately had differences, so it really shouldn't be so hard to implement the dynamics to the weapon, right? Just my hopes.... I really can't wait for this game to come out. I have only seen screen shots on here, but it is already my next "digital crack".
  15. CS or Lean?

    The OSL allowed for "real life tactics" that the CS doesn't. Additionally, the CS can be used to see over low walls, which last time I checked, isn't possible (without being above it). In OGR, I really enjoyed "slicing the pie", which is a real life tactic used by many teams. Made a difference in the game. Plus, it was challenging when others did similar things.