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  1. I don't think that kind of real time light propagation is possible yet in UE4 or any other game engine. There might be a way to fake light "splashing" back as you called it, but I don't know if it would look better or worse than it currently does.
  2. I was very excited about this game last year while I was visiting South America. Now I see the price and where the game has headed (a coop Farcry), I'm not all that hyped. Anyway, Ubi has a reputation for lowering game prices quite quickly. I guess I'll be playing this in one or two years time. Maybe by then I'll be almost finished with the Witcher.
  3. Ok, here's my idea. I've been thinking about it for a while now and <at least in my mind> it's pretty solid. The point would be to have the maximum freedom with just one key binding while sticking to tactical realism. Reverse charging: With the door handle in reach and aiming at it. The strength of the push of the door depends on how long the key is held. Why reverse? Because opening a door softly requires more attention than slamming it. Tapping the key will slam the door open. Holding the key a bit will charge (discharge?) the strength at which the door is opened. The door will open half ways. Holding the key full time or more will open the door just a bit. Holding the key and walking forward or backwards will open the door fluidly as it currently does. Configuration: The time the charger needs to go from 100% push strength to 0% should be configurable. Maybe 1 - 3 seconds would be ideal. Say the time is set to 2 seconds: Tapping the key would slam the door; holding the key for 1 second would open it by 50% and holding the key for 2 or more seconds would open the door just a bit. Locked doors: Attempting to open a locked door should give the player some feedback that the door is locked (well, maybe not opening is enough feedback). It should also make some sound. Attempting to slam the door by tapping the key should make more noise. Attempting to open the door softly by holding the key should make less noise. Kicking: Like in previous versions of Ground Branch, tapping the key while aiming at the lower half of the door would make you kick the door. In this case "normal charging" could work fine. The longer I hold the key the harder I will kick the door. Half open doors: We have to be able to finish opening a door or close it back, but to keep the mechanic to just one key can be tricky. Rainbow Six Raven Shield allowed quite a lot of freedom, but required you to bind 3 keys. Here's my idea for one single key: Tapping the key while aiming at the door will finish opening it. (with a full strength push) Holding the key while aiming at the door will give it a push. The stregth of the push will depend on the time the key is held, just as in the other cases. Tapping the key while aiming at the handle will slam the door shut. Holding the key while aiming at the handle and walking forward or backwards will open or close the door fluidly as it currently does. Examples: I tap the key while aiming at the handle of the door. The door does not open and makes a loud noise. As I reach my kit to place a breaching charge, the enemy, that has heard the sound, sprays the door and kills me. On a pull door, I hold the key half strength while aiming at the handle of the door. The door opens less than half way because it collides against my body. Aware of my mistake, I aim at the handle again, hold, and walk backwards to finish opening the door fluidly. With my buddy standing ready at the other side of the door, I hold the key to half strength while aiming at the handle. My buddy tosses a flashbang through the half open door. I aim at the door and tap the key to slam it open. My buddy and I save the day. **Further options (overdoing?) Friction: Some kind of friction setting could be applied to every different door. The older or heavier the door, the more strength it would require to push open. Pushing too hard: Say a door leads to a corner of the room and the wall only allows it to open 90º. If I slam it in full stregth, the door should bounce off the wall and close again, right?
  4. Same only reason as in real life. More rails and adjustable stock length.
  5. I'd go for zero inertia when walking, some acceleration for running and then full start and stop inertia for sprinting. I recall it was kind of like that in Infiltration, now that I mention...
  6. 1. True there, in-game right now, lights blind your NODs too way too much, but it's still work in progress so I would expect improvements. 2. With an EoTech, an Aimpoint or an Elcan, I find it really easy to aim down sights through NODs. It's basically the same as aiming without NODs for me. Maybe you find it hard because of your stance, I don't know. Iron sights are impossible to aim through though. But I wouldn't disable aiming through irons while wearing NODs because you can still raise your gun and use the blurred gun as a reference to "aim". 3. In addition to that, the laser itself already illuminates the whole area around the pointer. Through night vision, visible and infrared lasers look identical to me, so I guess that means easier to implement in-game. BTW, saying that the IR illuminator is an "IR flashlight" is not wrong but underwhelming, as it has around 3000m range. 4. All true. In this kind of situations, where the enemy is using night vision and lasers, is where we might find an advantage in not using lasers ourselves and instead aim with our sights through the NVGs
  7. I think you will have to reformulate the question. It could mean more than a few things.
  8. I saw a very short gameplay footage in 98 or 99, at the time when I was probably playing Quake 2 and Unreal. A guy with an M16 approached a hut in the desert in first person view. The camera changed to third person and this soldier wearing a boonie hat and old school belt-with-brace kit tossed a frag grenade through the window of the hut. He switched back to first person after the blast and walked through the door to check the dead bodies inside. It was called Delta Force 2, and I had never heard a word of the first game. That realistic today's world warfare and terrain was what I had always dreamt of in gaming. It took me over a year to own a copy of the game. After I played Infiltration 1, CS, Firearms, Infiltration 2, Ghost Recon, Operation Flashpoint, Rainbow Six 2 and 3, Swat 4, Arma 1 and 2, Insurgency 2, Arma 3... I still think Ghost Recon is the most solid in terms of gameplay and Rainbow Six 3 has the most solid CQB experience. I never really enjoyed the Delta Force games too much due to the AI, or lack of.
  9. How would OODA work for AI? It's was developed with air combat in mind, but it has been "simplified" for small arms training and has become the base of combat psychology for ground combat. Very simplified it would look something like this: Observe: Perception - all senses, but mostly vision Orient: Your attitude towards the threat: "This is too much for me" or "I can handle this situation" Decide: Based on experience, training and so on... how should you react? Act: Action performed based on all of the above, them back to Observe, all over again...
  10. I would try out one thing for the AI's hearing. I would separate sounds into three groups: Footsteps, Gunfire/Explosions and Others. The AI would react differently to all three. Then I would place the suppressed gunfire sounds into the "Others" group, as they make quite a loud noise but they don't sound at all like gunfire. Then depending on the environment sounds, "Footsteps", "Others" or both, would be inaudible for the AI. Same thing for distance. You probably wouldn't. Your sense of hearing changes drastically in a firefight. Some people don't even hear their own gunfire, since all their senses are focusing on the threats. Also, there are so many noises that can sound similar to reloading, that you would not take the risk.
  11. Low Ready is the new Crouch! (For teabagging)
  12. Good to see this thread is still alive! Welcome to the forums! Thanks for lowering our average age!
  13. As quick as possible with no transition effect is what works best for me. I wouldn't make it different for manually soul switching and switching after death. In any case it would be nice to have a temporary hud information display. When I hit the key to soul-switch, I want to know who I am, what team/squad/whatever I am in, if I'm wounded and if I have a full magazine or not.
  14. It always happens the other way round. You fire a weapon until it's empty, reload and suddenly the weapon weighs more. You keep firing feeling no change to the recoil.
  15. Never experienced any of the things you say. Even with polymer pistols, where a full magazine can weigh almost a quarter of the gun's weight, there is no difference in felt recoil from the first to last shot.