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  1. The YouTube Thread

    The music is so loud I can hardly hear a word. I don't know if it's because of the port to youtube or if the original movie was like that.
  2. Door Kickers: Action Squad

    What about Door Kickers 2???
  3. Ground Branch Screenshots

    ??? Mirrors work great in UE4 now.
  4. New Game Mode Name

    Ok, I'm in too. +1
  5. Shuffle/sneak

    Rapidly tap A or D to achieve the desired shuffle pace. I do it all the time in FPS games...
  6. Jumping Mechanic in Ground Branch

    You can bunny hop in real life, but it's just not effective to avoid fire. Check how little the body shifts when high-jumping. If you were to shoot at him, his center-mass would hardly vary during the jump, until the point where he squats up. I guess there are better videos out there to illustrate, but it gets extremely boring to browse crossfit videos
  7. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Mod support. That's where the legitimate rant is. The fact that they don't release mod tools for triple A games and then monetize mediocre addons. That is something you can rant about game publishers/developers. And still they have their reasons. Criticizing THEIR choices on how to run THEIR business and how THEY want THEIR game to be? Are we mad?
  8. Devtac design helmet

    Back on topic- It's the only helmet of this kind that I've ever seen to allow a 'cheek weld'. On the other hand it's just a level 3a, which makes it pretty much useless for military uses.
  9. I found what causes the lightmap overlaps in Speedtree. The only way around I've found is to avoid setting frond count to 2.
  10. Ground Branch Screenshots

    Hadn't the boner holster bug been fixed about a year ago? Also why is it such a common bug in games that objects attach to the wrong point?
  11. Insurgency Sandstorm

    When it makes sense, i guess nothing.
  12. Instance tool for Unreal Editor

    The thing is neither the video nor the marketplace page say anything about reducing draw calls. Only mention about performance that I found comes from user comments and reviews. None from the devs.
  13. Instance tool for Unreal Editor

    It could be very useful for certain parts of my map. I don't know if it works reverse, I mean turning assets that are already in game into instances, so I don't have to remake whole map areas. Right now I am busy with speedtree. Since it works on a monthly suscription, I had to find a time where I could work on lots of trees for a month-long period. I think I will be able to make every penny count this way.
  14. Antibes map (WIP)

    It looks loads better with more assets! Keep it up! Best screenshot so far!
  15. Stepping out mechanic

    The issue I found with Ground Branch is that when you toggle lean you can forget if you are leaning or neutral. I have always been against the screen tilting when leaning in games, but a tiny bit of tilting wouldn't hurt. Just as a means to know that you are leaning.