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  1. Nice, a bit like the Dubrovnik map in RS: Athena Sword. Keep working, mate, and don't worry about performance, you can throw in loads more polygons. It's UE4!
  2. Deeply sorry. Had to.
  3. I like the choice of music for the trailer. The Aria with scenes of violence reminds me of Raven Shield's raid on the Estate in Cayman Brac with Ave Maria playing in the sound station.
  4. I think he means that it's a trap for those of us who dislike Chrome. I had always thought that TBT had made the Desert Storm map pack for hire. It was a petty that those maps were played mostly in Team Deathmatch, indeed, but DTAS came to the rescue soon enough.
  5. 1. As far as content creation and map making, I'd say it's the same 2. I like a cqb area with open surroundings. It's what gives players the most freedom in a coop game, in my opinion. 3. Too may dream maps that I've thought of making for a while. I would like to make a short campaign, and other map makers to make other short campaigns. Then every map in those campaigns would also serve for multiplayer. It would be nice that Ground Branch headed in that direction.
  6. Looks very decent. Hope it comes out some day.
  7. Pixelling out scopes... there must be a very serious or very stupid reason
  8. 0:25 when they show the current methods, those already look very good compared to most games
  9. Probably the most useful tutorial I have seen in a while. I don't use splines for roads, only for ropes and cables (soon for pipes and a couple more things), but if you follow the tutorial step by step, you get a great tool.
  10. They definitely did a very good job with the nightvision in SCCT in terms of contrast and the effect light has on night optics (exactly what Ground Branch does not do well yet). In everything else regarding night vision, Ground Branch gets it right while other games don't: field of view, focus, flicker, pitch black vision...
  11. I want to leave the 'dirty up' process to the end. I plan to do it using very simple decals, but once there I might have to use other methods too. I doubt I will use vertex painting, as I would have to re-model too much stuff to achieve a good result. I want the overall mood to be of a recently abandoned place. In some houses I have placed cardboard boxes full of books beside empty bookshelves, unmade beds, stuff like that. Something that happens to me when I look for textures with my camera is that I am attracted to STALKER like locations. Then I hit myself in the head and say to me: no, I don't want that kind of mood in my map.
  12. I don't think the bloom is the issue there, but the lack of black. It seems to me that the green overlay is turning black areas into dark green, thus the low contrast effect. Other than that and the startling issue, the night vision looks actually great.
  13. Next up will be some vegetation.
  14. 7 years actually, as I began somewhere around February 2010. Bear in mind that it is an amateur project by a single person with a demanding job and family. Absolutely every single asset is modelled and textured by me and it is a large map with plenty of detail. I have had to photograph 99% of all the textures, learning as I go to do some stuff, revisiting some models as they got outdated and resize and redo the whole map from scratch when GB ported from UE3 to UE4! It has been quite a journey.
  15. My issue with shadowplay is that it flickers from monitor 1 to monitor 2. Maybe if I disconnect the cable from monitor 2... I'll try that later. Regarding roofing... that takes some trial and error to get it right. I am using separate meshes for the roofs, I have found that to be what works best for me.The roof mesh is not one solid perfectly modeled mesh because I couldn't get the lighting right that way, therefore there is some rough modelling and clipping for the sake of polygon count and lighting. High LOD is just 3 faces per row of tiles plus the edges, then 3 faces underneath and a wood "lid" under each edge of the row (you can't see the "lids" in the screenshot). I use 3 smoothing groups; every other row has the two first smoothing groups and the edge and the "lids" have the third one. For the lower LOD I just delete all the polygons that don't face upwards. The material is simple, just flat tiles in diffuse and the normal map is only for fine detail and to shadow the tiles that are one over another. The residential area which acts as a natural boundry of the map has roof tiles set up differently. They are jigzaw parts which snap onto a 10unit grid and 90º turns. Getting the models right took a bit of patience, but the result is seamless and I have decided not to use LOD's on this one. Performance wise I have noticed that higher/lower poly counts don't affect performance whereas making the "puzzle" out of fewer "jigzaws" greatly improves performance.