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  1. It looks loads better with more assets! Keep it up! Best screenshot so far!
  2. The issue I found with Ground Branch is that when you toggle lean you can forget if you are leaning or neutral. I have always been against the screen tilting when leaning in games, but a tiny bit of tilting wouldn't hurt. Just as a means to know that you are leaning.
  3. No, it's not irritating that games are advertised this way. It is just lame. No one to punch in the face here. It's also probably in-engine even if it is not in-game, which at least is something.
  4. Got one day late to the Kickstarter. Now I'll have to pay full price for the game (dammit)
  5. ***cries manly tears***
  6. Can't really say anything bad against the trailer. We'll see the game...
  7. I think it's hard to answer to this one because we probably all don't get the same feeling or perception when firing a gun. I know three methods to simulate recoil in video games, and all three have their part real feel to it. If you shoot only to get a feel of what the recoil does, you will get something like in ARMA or STALKER games, where the gun jumps up and then falls more or less back to your point of aim. When you are shooting a sequence of many shots in a short time, that adds up and depending on how you grip the gun it should jump less and takes less time to jump back to the point of aim, that's why games with "muzzle climb" recoil feel so real. Even though recoil does not do that in real guns, the fact that you have to compensate for recoil is true. Think of games like Insurgency or Infiltration. Then we have the always hated conefire, which really isn't that unrealistic if you think that your sights are always magically alligned in video games and that when you compensate for recoil, you are actually making lateral mistakes too. Old rainbow six games had only a crosshair that changed size, but still felt quite real when firing (at least in semi-auto). Now to the A.I, what might be happening, is that they are trying to shoot the same way no matter the distance to the target. Same rate of fire, same time to aim, same movement... The distance to the enemy is generally what dictates your stress levels. Reactions to an enemy at short range will be automatic: faster and less accurate, moving while shooting and almost impossible to use any kind of sights. At longer distances one can stop and think about how to engage the target, take a second to aim and stop to fire.
  8. Nice, a bit like the Dubrovnik map in RS: Athena Sword. Keep working, mate, and don't worry about performance, you can throw in loads more polygons. It's UE4!
  9. Deeply sorry. Had to.
  10. I like the choice of music for the trailer. The Aria with scenes of violence reminds me of Raven Shield's raid on the Estate in Cayman Brac with Ave Maria playing in the sound station.
  11. I think he means that it's a trap for those of us who dislike Chrome. I had always thought that TBT had made the Desert Storm map pack for hire. It was a petty that those maps were played mostly in Team Deathmatch, indeed, but DTAS came to the rescue soon enough.
  12. 1. As far as content creation and map making, I'd say it's the same 2. I like a cqb area with open surroundings. It's what gives players the most freedom in a coop game, in my opinion. 3. Too may dream maps that I've thought of making for a while. I would like to make a short campaign, and other map makers to make other short campaigns. Then every map in those campaigns would also serve for multiplayer. It would be nice that Ground Branch headed in that direction.
  13. Looks very decent. Hope it comes out some day.
  14. Pixelling out scopes... there must be a very serious or very stupid reason
  15. 0:25 when they show the current methods, those already look very good compared to most games