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  1. Insurgency Sandstorm

    I'd like to see a NWI dev attempting to tear a door off it's hinges with a rifle butt.
  2. I've been finding that in certain websites, the auto-complete option for e-mail address displays all the addresses that have been used from my computer, but also an address with my name and last name from a very fishy domain. Sending an email to that address does not return an email stating that the address does not exist. Some investigation shows that the domain belongs to GODADDY.COM and was created in 2013 in Arizona. Does anyone know anything about the subject? It's starting to freak me out.
  3. The compass

    Yes, a digital compass would be pointing in the wrong direction when mounted on the wrist, but it would still be giving an accurate reading... to that direction Another option would be to use a GPS compass, which would give you the bearing of the last few steps you have moved instead of where you are facing.
  4. The compass

    You can download a compass app for any smartphone and check out for yourselves how surprisingly accurate a digital compass can be, even tilted 45°
  5. Oh, that's already in game, just that you don't cant your head, but raise the weapon a bit less. The controls are not very polished yet, though.
  6. Why would you want to cant your head?
  7. AI Sentinel NVG were designed on a request from the US Socom, but that request was not color vision, but the ability to use bracket mounts and ball-in-socket mounts in the same set of goggles. The ones Special forces have are not the color version. Regarding the Airsoft battles comment, I'm pretty sure that comment is mostly irony, regardless of how smart or retarded that guy is. It's funny how he mentions how important low field of view is for realistic night vision, but then he mentions Insurgency in his top list.
  8. I don't think camera was the best description for the colortac, as it does not record and send the signal to a display. It certainly is not a Night Vision Goggle though, but a handheld, very useful, device. The reason I think no one uses the Al Sentinel CNVG (I have never used them or met anyone who has) is because sudden changes in brightness can result in sudden changes in color. What is certain is that most people who would take benefit if they worked as promised have never even heard about them.
  9. I don't think you are understanding how those work. The colortac is not a night vision goggle. It is a night color camera that uses a night vision monocle as an aid. It is no way near to be head mounted. The Al Sentinel CNVG are just regular night vision goggles with filters (that can actually be used with any other night vision goggles) that turn the different shades of grey into shades of blueish and orange. They do not "see" real color but instead you could say they "paint" the black and green with fake colors. They are not meant to see in color, just to be more confortable to the eye.
  10. GB news update

    I don't think there are loot crates in any game with mod support. Are there?
  11. Greek Map (WIP)

    Block out of the new playable area: This puts the making of the map close to an end but the closer I get to finish the less time I have to work on it Sucks! @fatmarrow Yes, the town to the far right is just scenary, same as the wooden building to the far left. Here's a rough idea of the playable areas: Underwhelming? See how much of the work goes into non-playable areas!
  12. Antibes map (WIP)

    Cool, we'd all seen the pictures and now we see the layout. I get to understand the map better now. If that's half way done it's going to be BIG too.
  13. Greek Map (WIP)

    @fatmarrow I'm using decals for the roadmarks, and you could say it's going to be a big map because of the amount of places and rooms, but the playable area is about 390x170m which is smaller compared to the 400x400 maps in OGR. Anyway: LET THERE BE TREES!
  14. Game Screenshot Thread

    I can only relate to DOOM via Ms Dos, no cell phones and no Mp3 players. You don't have to be that old for some things. That or I'm getting old myself.