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  1. AI makes or breaks a game

    I used to play Rainbow Six Vegas a lot in a small clan - checkout "EddieDeath" on youtube or "Tactical Rainbow Six Team" on xfire. None of us were military trained and are main goal was to have fun but somehow we ended up developing some sophisticated tactics that required a lot of communication and teamwork. Some rules the team had were: A squad leader was always assigned each round. It was the squad leaders responsibility to do all planning and leadership for the squad. Additionally the squad leader had to survive. This really accelerated the use of teamwork and tactics. The squad leader would dynamically plan and assign team members as pointmen / backup man / or read guard. I called the system "Pointman" and whenever we had a free slot ( which was rare ) new guys would quickly pick up the pace and be moving around with the team in no time. Being the squad leader was great fun - it was literally like having a squad of amazing AI teammates that can do any command you give them. It was more exhilarting leading the team and trying to stay safe in the middle that being on point. So why dont we play anymore? Because of the poor AI and the dynamic spawning. Plus the low quality ubisoft servers / lack of mods and general contempt for ubisoft that is even now still going around after what they have done to rainbow six community and longevity of the game. I really hope you watch some of the videos - some are better than others - so you can see how much fun this was for us. In summary here were the pros and cons of Terrorist Hunt in Vegas that we found up until the point where it simply became too tedious to play anymore. Pros: 1 The AI would actually flank us. This meant that lone wolfs would nearly always get shot in the back it was just a matter of time but playing as a team with a designated guy coveing the six gave you a fighting chance. 2 The maps were non-linear. Generally the maps were great and diverse. Nothing wrong with the maps - they didnt really need to be so good. 3 It was ( almost ) a one shot kill game and no run and gun. 4 The game provided grenades, breach, smoke etc which gave you a split second advantage that allowed you to gain control over a heavily defended area if done in a coordinated way. Room clearing from multiple entry points was great fun albeit too easy. 5 AI - once actually spawned - would sometimes use cover and suppressing fire - although rarely - requiring flanking tactics and again more teamwork. The AI would use and move to cover based on the player teams position - sometimes... Generally - once spawned - the AI had more interesting behaviour than raven shield and would actually use cover. Cons 1 Biggest problem and really what I hope is the main thing people focus on was the AI. 1a AI was spawning dynamically in an unrealistic way that totally compromised the use of tactics and undermined immersion. This problem with vegas has been talked about widely. Generally the AI is spawned in locations that it would be impossible for them to have existed in from the start of the match and to add to that they would sometimes spawn near the team and simply blast a team mate with a shotgun - unfair and game ruining. 1b Once AI was spawned its typical behaviour was to simply run at the player like an idiot. This made the entire game rediculously easy and simply a matter of setting the team up and triping the spawn tripwire. Then waiting for the AI to run at the team. 1c While the AI was able to flank and take multiple routes to attack the team - it shouldnt have been attacking in the first place and it should only attack when it has a reasonable chance of success or had actually pined the team down and could use flash / grenade etc. 1d The AI rarely used grenades, gas, smoke, fixed gun turrets. 1e The AI never retreated or simply camped which should have been its primary strategies. 1f The AI spawn locations were not truly random. Eventually players would know exactly where they all are which really destroyed the need for the team to play creatively. 1g Generally the AI was dumb so you ended up fighting a huge swaith of 70 tangos instead of an small number like 10-20. The game would be much more fun if the AI was tougher and smarter and in smaller numbers. 1h The AI didnt work in fireteams and in no way tried to control and defend an area. Instead it was just aimlessly spawned and only ever became alive when reacting to the player team presence. 2 The game had no stealth element. All AI knew exactly where you were from the moment go. Main reason they are spawned by tripwires is because spawning them all at the start means they all just rush the players - I know i made a hack that did this. 3 The game mode itself was "Kill all terrorists" instead of objective based like rescue hostage, diffuse bomb etc. The AI had nothing to defend and had no need to be there. 4 Other issues with the game were simply ones like the lack of a compass 5 No drawable minimap - combined with no compass often made directions difficult 6 No choice of initial entry location on the map - like raven shielld used to have. 7 No initial planning stage before launching the map. Would be so good if in the lobby you could see a map blueprint and discuss plans. 8 Due to the way AI was spawned mid game most of the gadgest like gas, snake cam, sensor, jammer etc didnt work in the terrorist hunt mode. They were disabled since they would simply have revealed the poor spawning more if used. Here is a link to some of our vids http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=jUmA0bJU7FI http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=96w4DL6B22M&...feature=related Thanks for reading.