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  1. Brain Tumor!

    Det, Thoughts are with you mate. You're a friend so if you need anything let me know bud.
  2. Sabotage

    New Arnie film; but the support actors are kick ass as well!
  3. Vanity Jeza Bday

    Belated B'Day wishes mate!
  4. Who Are You Replying To?

    A couple of times mate! They had a good day at the range shooting off tonnes of live ammo (as they were moving over to the Leo 2 and were getting rid of warstock); so lots of HESH/APDS and WP rounds going down range!
  5. Who Are You Replying To?

    Attending Simulation Conference: Fun with 105mm in Canada
  6. ArmA3 announced...

    Hey folks; if you guys are interested the guys over at SimHQ run an ArmA3 session called Military Monday's. They usually have a pretty good turnout of between 10-20+ guys and they are a good bunch to play with. Info on joining their sessions: Timezone wise: 8pm Eastern Monday 1am UK Tuesday 11am AEST
  7. CoD: Ghosts

    I had it gifted to me on steam. Just for comparison sake; as an example. Currently on Steam: Friends with MW2: 25 Friends with MW3: 18 Friends with CoD Ghosts: 3 Friends with ArmA3: 36 I have more friends who play Don't starve then CoD Ghosts.... As to the SP Campaign: So far I've played about 10 minutes of it; I'm into the actual ground combat and it's so linear I can almost aim where the bot's are going to show up. Compare that to the BF4 campaign which is a lot more engaging; you can actually move to engage the enemy as you want (there are still limits!). But compared to the open play something like ArmA3 gives you...well. Here's hoping Ground Branch gives us the option of procescuting the target as we want to!
  8. GB Community Game Night

    Det: Sounds good to me mate. I guess we can play a few more titles when you're behemoth gets back!
  9. finally a trailer for lone survivor

    I'm not inferring directly he's bull######ting; just that there is gaps in what was reported and what he wrote about. To me it doesn't matter if the SR team took on 12 guys or 100; they gave their all and so did the guys coming in the QRF choppers. To clarify Snow has seen the elephant and got the T shirt. And I'm just a civvie; so clearly knows jack ###### about anything military
  10. DCS World Fly In (This Weekend)

    Some screenshots/videos from the event here: @Flogger23m (MIG-23M Flogger fan?) this thread may be of interest: Agreed on the new engine; hoping Edge improves performance and gives us some more terrain to fly/fight over!
  11. DCS World Fly In (This Weekend)

    As long as you have BlackShark 2.0 and it's updated you can join in on the fun mate. More then welcome! @Led: There are often discount deals for DCS World; worth picking it up if you have any interest in flying.
  12. finally a trailer for lone survivor

    Snow; had seen the same reports (anywhere from 12-40 mentioned; not 100's of them). It's not the first time that a SOF operator has over expanded on what happened during an operation once they put a book together (Bravo Two Zero comes to mind!). But there have been some pretty large scale contacts involving ABCA SOF units versus 100+ Taliban (seen some interviews and some first hand discussions about the ODA .. 12 guys that got into a two-three day contact with around 1,200 Taliban outside their FOB)!
  13. finally a trailer for lone survivor

    Rumour mill has it that Marcus Lutrell told the actors/crew he'd kill them if they didn't do a good job. Hard to tell everything from a trailer; but it looks like they did a good job. (Mil tec heads will note the Chinooks being used are CH-47F's which weren't available back then; they used MH-47E's from the SOAR boys..same ones as used in Act of Valor)
  14. For any of you guys on here with any of the DCS World Products (A10, KA-50, FC3, CA, P-51 or UH-1H) there is a Flyin Over at SimHQ this weekend (Link below for details)
  15. DCS: UH-1H Huey released

    Nice shots Det! Got the Predator insertion screenie in the last screenie there!