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  1. Spartacus on Starz

    There was acting in Spartacus? I thought it was all about thrusting short swords . Anyways I love it got all the guys at work into it too.
  2. Zombie Proof House? (Article + pics)

    Some times its not the Zombies you have to be worried about its the humans whom want to be safe, read World War Z by Max Brooks House just like this one with armed guards was taken down not by zombies but by human beings!
  3. Fallout: New Vegas

    didnt care to much for dead money wasn't that great of DLC
  4. Guess what movie

    Yup! See I knew you would get it! It is a great movie
  5. Guess what movie

    You are right sir, to my defense I did just wake up and needed to get to work. it's a western, One of the characters was a dentist then turn gunfighter
  6. Guess what movie

    Lets see who can get this without a hint, probably Kirq lol
  7. Guess what movie

    The American? Still have to watch that one its been sitting in my to watch list for a while.
  8. SOCOM 4 announced / done by Zipper
  9. Question Game

    By growing wings! How do we know this reality is the true reality and not the Matrix?
  10. The Cursed Crusade - PS3, X360

    Could due without the demons at the end....but sorta reminds me of Spartan: total warrior from the old xbox days
  11. Guess what movie

    Kirq your movie is Valhalla Rising, Leb I have no clue on your movie lol
  12. Question Game

    The Robots would vote for them.......And we have checked welll the Canadians have but we don't have enough money to make 50+ hollywood blockbusters to prove it! What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze?
  13. Homefront

    I agree John SP is way to short, and I felt some thing at first but then after the 200th Korean I killed because your teammates are about as good as a rifle man with no hands or arms. I was disappointed with it really.
  14. Crazy earthquake + Tsunami in Japan

    Are we sure its not Godzilla vs King Ghidorah.....that seems way more likely than this crap..... Yeah ######ty deal for sure, here's hoping the leaks aren't that bad!