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  1. The Hawaiian Chair

    The things people will invent... and even worse, the things people will buy! KT_Cobra
  2. Ravenshield The movie!

    That was awesome. lol KT_Cobra
  3. Bad news. . .

    I'm just ready to sit back and watch the "on the edge of thread locking" comments fly. That should be entertaining. heh KT_Cobra
  4. Xfire Users - Let's Unite.

    Joined KT_Cobra
  5. [Will GB be like] Rogue Spear

    http://www.blackfootstudios.com/forums/ind...?showtopic=2098 I agree with you probably 100%. There's another reason BFS is making this project (or at least it's an "understood" reason). You see, with BFS supporting actual ideas with MEANING behind them, they're creating a game (Ground Branch) that will not only bring back that sense of realism but also a closer-knit community. Most people here agree that the gaming community will never be the same as it used to be back during the Rogue Spear or even Raven Shield days, but with BlackFoot Studios leading the way in bringing this type of project back along with true DIEHARD supporters of how things were back during the good ole' days, we still have hope to see this again one day soon. Sorry if that sounded too carny... KT_Cobra
  6. Okay, I just got finished playing some CoD4 and I read the above post incorrectly at first because of it. I thought "agendas" was "grenades". lol KT_Cobra
  7. So in other words... KT_Cobra
  8. UBI buys the Clancy name

    I likey ... I likey a lot! KT_Cobra
  9. Bad news. . .

  10. UBI buys the Clancy name

    The best thing Ubisoft's ever released to the public was Raven Shield. I'm yet to see anything really awesome come from this company since its release of that title (I'm sure probably 99% of us can agree on that). *Rainbow Six: Vegas was good but ONLY in the coop perspective* Anyway, it's really sad that a company like Ubisoft can't get its act together and actually make a game that has a replayability and long-lasting level of at least a 7 or more. I know, I know! There's no money to be made in a game that sticks with the community for more than 3 months (I'm already sick of CoD4). This is why I'm not happy with Ubisoft and haven't been since Lockdown. Until they release another title that is just as replayable and fun as RVS was/is, I won't be throwing any of my dimes into their bucket. Tom Clancy MMO; interesting but we'll just have to see where they're going to go with this. KT_Cobra
  11. I'm sure BFS will not make the same mistake Ubisoft made with Vegas - limiting the types of video cards compatible just because of a stupid shader model 3.0 system needed. That just started its downfall before the game even had a chance to take off. KT_Cobra
  12. Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter and God bless! KT_Cobra
  13. Bad news. . .

    May we please have a moment of silence for a great loss to the legendary classic Clancy world? Thoramir's cracked UO cd WILL be missed. But this must teach us all a lesson, and that is to do whatever it takes - no matter how much time it takes - to preserve these golden treasures. Amen. KT_Cobra
  14. [Will GB be like] Rogue Spear

    I totally agree with this post except for your opinion on Raven Shield. I LOVED Raven Shield too. The replayability (one of the most important aspects of a game) was a 10 out of 10! Agreed.
  15. Waiting on GB....

    My father was telling me a story the other day how when he was young (14 - 15), he lived near a seaplane base and how the pilots used to take him up to fly with them a lot. There was this one time when an old WW2 pilot (these guys are AWESOME pilots) took my father up and wanted to show him how to get the plane started again if your engine dies midway through flight. So, the ace killed the engine of this sesna or seaplane (I forget which one) entirely - the prop wasn't even spinning anymore. He then looked at my dad and said, "Now what do we do?" My dad looked around and gave a shrug of his shoulders. The pilot then jokingly said, "Well, someone's got to go out there and give it a push (spin the prop)." He then laughed and said, "Well, this can easily be fixed. What you do is you point the plane straight down and wait for the prop to turn itself (caused by the wind upon stalling) about 1/2 to 1 full turn, and while it's doing that (slowly turning) you start the engine back up. And, of course pick up enough speed to pull out of the stall." These WW2 vet pilots are awesome in every aspect of what they learned from first hand experiences (or not). KT_Cobra