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  1. I think it'd be cool to be able to toss some crumbs into some grass so that if someone walked by the birds would be disturbed.
  3. Or a canister of that stuff you can spray on chain link fences then just rip them off, kind of like a canister of "freeze". Not sure what it's called technically, not an army guy yet.
  4. Didn't know that!
  5. Are we going to be able to cook our grenades before we fire them in the hole?
  6. Just kidding..... SV650s. link to large image MODERATOR EDIT: Large Images changed to links per forum rules.
  7. Wait it out till the R series radeon card comes out. Will be worth it. Alienware is overpriced as well, just pick out the parts part-by-part then install them or get a shop place to install it for you. With Alienware you're paying hundreds just for the logo. Edit: Don't ever get a 1xxx series card unless it's 1900-1950 radeon card, lower then that and it seems like you're using a laptop video card on your desktop. Second edit: Don't get Vista yet, you will get a performance drop in gaming.
  8. TMNT was a pretty decent movie, couldn't decide on what to see when I took the missus out tonight so we ended up seeing it. Not a bad movie, storyline is kind of cheese but the animation + graphics are amazing. If you are a fan of ninjas, turtles, or turtles in ninja form, this is a must see.
  9. I have a samurai sword!
  10. 19 in June.
  11. Think it's kinda lame that we have to pay monthly now just to play a freakin' game on the internet. FPS's = the new MMO?
  12. I've got a 20" Viewsonic LCD monitor and it's great for gaming. Not to mention very thin and doesn't hog up any desk space at all. Definately worth the switch.
  13. Would it be possible to get hit by an RPG round that doesn't explode? If so would that cause you to go plop? Edit: And I don't mean plop in the pants either
  14. Haha with the influx of european immigrants to my particular area in Canada, I'm surprised there aren't 7 other Grncarovski's, Miljevic's, or Koralewski's on this site right now.
  15. I remember that, he has the same last name as I do. Mine's Grncarovski and I think thats what his was. It's a pretty common Yugoslavian name, as is Gerasim, but you guys said he was Polish? Edit: Now that I think about it, I think people thought it was Polish because of the "ski".