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  1. Great news for BFS...Congratulations John Malcolm...
  2. I arrives late but the 15 minutes were really fun. Thanks for the hard work to the Team...
  3. Thanks for the hard work and the update. Malcolm...
  4. Good to see what's coming. Great work, Thanks...
  5. Well, a big hug and Congratulations for the technical Demo, I'm playing like a 10 years old boy, shooting at all and having fun. it's work really well in my PC. the only issue I have found is the missing sound of the trigger with a empty magazine in the mk12 a really small think for all that fun. and I all ready order the Operator Edition for help BFS in the development of GB. just waiting my key. Congratulation again guys...
  6. Well, thank you for all your effort and Kris. a few more days will not hurt. Even I'm dying to play and support BFS ...
  7. Great videos Psychomorph, really like to have the technical preview and surely the Operator or operative version. is the recoil too far away or hard to implement. what about a video in the long range please. Thanks...
  8. A Video should be great. but I'm really interested in the team stacking in the kill house entrance pictures. they are players or pc controlled players. and how you took the pictures from a 3° person view... and thank you for all the pictures for us.
  9. Thanks for pictures really great training ranges. I just miss the OC from the old videos and pictures I hope is stil there for a running. the scope look great except the external poligonal form, the reticule look like a FireDot Special Purpose Reticle, and the hash mark are 2.5mil, the inner circle is 10 mil diameter. but the only scope from leupold with that reticle is the VX•R Patrol 1.25-4x20mm. but more important is the fact that shooting a 5.56x45 at 300m with zeroing to 100m is going to impact 1 mil low from the center or pointing to the head for impact in the center mass. Can we change the windage and elevation in any way ?
  10. Really good new from you guys. I'm ready to support GB. ... Malcolm...
  11. Really interest especially the hallway the SAD is in, is this a new training map? but the words " highly classified footage" is used more for videos than pictures. I hope we can have good news soon or a good video at last. Malcolm...
  12. Thanks for the update john...hope we all see GB soon...
  13. Great news, the next couple of weeks are going to be awesome. Thanks...
  14. maybe the new J. Page is there... Really bad asses kids. Thanks. Malcolm...
  15. Great news, I really hope this help GB.