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  1. Grenades

    Not strictly RMB: it's whatever button you use to aim down sights. Players should be able to immediately throw a grenade as hard as they want immediately after they pulled the pin. Likewise they should be able to throw it normally (i.e. not hard) regardless of however long ago they've pulled the pin. Wouldn't you agree? Based on the player's view direction relative to the horizontal plane. Not based on stance, since you can still lob a grenade if you're crouching and roll it if you're standing... Can't you?
  2. Controls

    Let's say if you've already bind Mousewheel Up/Down and MMB to other, arguably more suitable functions (in my case, Fluid Open/Close and fire selector respectively), then what would be the next most intuitive and/or practical button/key that you personally would use to cycle through the elements of a particular weapon stance? Thanks.
  3. Difficulty Levels

  4. Running, the way it should be

    I have identified some issues with my previous suggestion and would like to propose the following to address some of the issues and hopefully improve on it. Personally I still find using 2 keys to be the best compromise, even though I guess it should be made possible to assign the task of switching between the four different speeds to one single key. Some may prefer a 3-key setup and that is fine too. Anyway, with 2 keys, then, naturally it makes logical sense to allocate one key to the two faster speeds (sprint & run) and the other key to the two slower speeds (walk & sneak). For illustrative purposes, I personally imagine binding these two to the Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys respectively. For the majority of the time, players would either be walking or running, so these two would likely function best as a quick "tap key to toggle to the speed" so that players don't need to hold them down all the time, as well as allow these two speeds to be more accessible and theoretically be the more responsive ones among the four speeds. Therefore I would assign them as follows: tap Left Shift - set Run as the Active Speed (i.e. "toggle to Run") tap Left Ctrl - set Walk as the Active Speed (i.e. "toggle to Walk") This way, no matter how many times a player taps either key, he will always know which speed is currently selected as the Active Speed without referring to the HUD and without relying on any visual feedback (e.g. by starting to move). If the player binds only one key to toggle between walking and running, then before he starts moving, he is unable to determine whether he will walk or run without resorting to enabling the HUD. For the two ends of the speed spectrum, namely Sprint and Sneak, you probably already intuit how I think they should function: hold Left Shift - enable Sprint modifier. Upon release: back to Active Speed hold Left Ctrl - enable Sneak modifier. Upon release: back to Active Speed So what am I suggesting? 1. the ability to bind a key to a dedicated functions of "toggle to Walk" and "toggle to Run", in addition to the current available function of "toggle between Run and Walk" 2. the ability to bind a key to function as a "modifier" to each of the four speeds
  5. Elite: Dangerous

  6. Grenades

    Sounds good! To update an ancient post then: How about selecting between overhand throw and underhand throw using the RoF button (fire selector)? As dcopymope said, the way our hands are situated should be the cue for us to know which one is currently selected. For the underhand throw, you either lob or roll depending on view direction: Lob if you're looking above the horizontal line Roll if you're looking below the horizontal line (see Psychomorph's post) And then regarding the throw strength: - LMB: normal throw - RMB: hard throw - No power charge meter necessary That actually sounds better to me too!
  7. Doors

    As I already suggested above, both opening and closing the door should indeed use the same exact key, namely the Use key (currently called "Offhand" in Ground Branch. In Raven Shield it's called the Action key which is bound to Spacebar by default in that game). The same key should also be used to unlock a door, just like in RvS! And of course, RvS used Mouse Wheel Up to Fluid Open and Mouse Wheel Down to Fluid Close, which I think would work well for Ground Branch too.
  8. Doors

    My updated suggestion: Notes: - Need to rebind the mousewheel to fluid opening/closing of doors - The input required to "fully open", "kick open", "fluid open/close", and "fully close" doors are consistent to avoid confusion - Done away with any type of "charging mechanic" to K.I.S.S. - We should only be able to kick open "push doors" - We obviously should not be able to "fully open" or "fluid open" a closed door that is still locked. Attempting to do so should cause unnecessary noise that might alert the enemy. - Relabelled "offhand key" to "Use"
  9. Grenades

    Necrobump. ^Perhaps this should be selectable with the Use attached item button while the grenade is equipped? By default, I think it would be best to set it to immediately switch to primary weapon afterwards instead of taking out another grenade.
  10. Suggestion for enemy NPC's

    @Jonathan Yup quite a number of games have resorted to equipping enemies with all sorts of face-covering masks (e.g. balaclavas) to mitigate that issue.
  11. MP: Assymetric Warfare

    ^This is why co-op is the ultimate asymmetric multiplayer mode! hehe
  12. Ground Branch Videos

    Was half joking when I asked on Discord whether we could shoot out the flashlights attached to the weapons
  13. My critique of the player controls

    You can do that. I'm sure you are well aware, however, that in GB, there's 2 functionally different ways to reload. Both of which can be done with a single button as it is by default (as it should be): Tactical reload (retains magazine) - Hold R Speed reload (discards magazine) - Press R Each kind of reload have their pros and cons, and their utility is dependent on the specific situation that the players are in. By implementing this, GB provides a meaningful and tactically interesting choice for the player to commit to everytime he decides to reload. This therefore necessitates binding the cycling of firing modes to a different key, but the good news is that if you still want to bind the keys like how you described above, you absolutely can!