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  1. Dead body disposal

    Similar complaint by George Weidman (Supper Bunnyhop) for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, of not being able to hide bodies when enemies can discover them.
  2. Game Video Thread

    System Shock Reboot
  3. MP: Assymetric Warfare

  4. Immersion suggestion

    Speaking of immersion...
  5. Overgrowth

  6. D.U.S.T.

  7. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

  8. Difficulty Levels

  9. Linearity of the single-player campaign

    Relevant: Of course, in GB I reckon it's oftentimes easier and more preferable to make primary mission objectives that can be tackled in any order the players deem best (and secondary ones that the players may decide too risky to attempt). It also doesn't really necessitate a physically huge map. A well designed location should work well with a non-linear list of objectives, if not better.
  10. Dead body disposal

    The AI must be able to identify dead bodies since it would be naturally unrealistic and immersion breaking to have them ignore something so obvious. At the same time, as pointed out here, "corpses triggering alert phases is unfair when the player has no means of moving the corpse". Therefore I think both features (the AI's ability to notice and respond appropriately to dead bodies, as well as the player's ability to move them) are essential elements of NORG.
  11. Tech Demo

    Welcome to the forums, MasterBaiter! That name sounds so wrong when I say it out loud though
  12. Hell Let Loose (WW2 Tactical Shooter)

    Looks promising; color me interested!
  13. CS or Lean?

    This has been discussed many times before, but regarding Fluid Posture (as it was called back in Raven Shield), I would like to humbly suggest a few tiny tweaks that I reckon would greatly improve the system. In RvS we had to use the mouse to fluidly adjust our posture, but since we also use the mouse to aim, it rendered the whole mechanic less useful than it potentially could have been. In reality, practically speaking, we either lean in-and-out from a stationary position, or we slice the pie in an upright posture instead of "lean-strafing". Therefore I think it makes sense to use a modifier (such as holding Left Ctrl) in combination with the movement keys (i.e. WASD) to fluidly adjust the degree to which we lean as well as our height/stance, and naturally, releasing the modifier key would return us to the nearest default stance. I'm fully aware that Arma 3 has this Fluid Stance system too (as Dslyecxi calls it), however Arma is using 9 distinct "levels" of stance instead of it being truly smooth/"fluid". In addition, Arma 3 also by default makes us step out when we press LCtrl + A/D, instead of Fluid Leaning. What I'm suggesting here is: Keep the current system of leaning and stepping out and rolling, because that system is simple and straightforward and it works, but at the same time please at least attempt to implement the Fluid Posture system in which holding down a modifier allows us to adjust our height and leaning in a smooth and continuous manner with WASD. Thank you for your consideration. A couple of related vids: PepperBelly Super Bunnyhop
  14. Running, the way it should be

    I forgot to mention that in the current build, although we can combine binding tapping LShift to toggle Run/Walk with holding LShift to Sprint, it doesn't work as intended since the game recognizes "hold LShift" as a simultaneous "hold LShift + tap LShift".