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  1. Very happy to see the MP5SD5 in-game! I really appreciate it even if it's more for nostalgic reasons rather than a practical one. Regardless, thank you.
  2. "A big part of it takes place in Hong Kong; and it's just f###ing Hong Kong; it's not cyborg Hong Kong" [facepalms] [closes video]
  3. Well... it is called Terrorist HUNT
  4. I've suggested this already That would be neat, although that last point about automatically ending it (regardless with or without that 5-minute delay) would defeat the whole purpose of requiring players to deliberately end the mission.
  5. Any plans to implement sliding down ladders? e.g. by holding Sprint while on a ladder
  6. Then again in Ghost Recon, on many occasions enemies would spawn out of thin air when triggered and this happens in quite a number of missions too (and indeed in Iron Dragon). They're scripted.
  7. Would it be possible to assign/re-assign members to different squads in-game? for example if we've split a 6 man team into two 3-man squads before the mission begins, then during the mission itself would we be able to assign 1 guy from each team to form a new squad so that the team is now composed of three 2-man squads? all the while being able to give orders to individual team members?
  8. Also, since there will be handedness in GB, and about 10% of people are left-handed, why not have one character who, although trained ambidextrously as a GB operator, is naturally left-hand dominant? I think that would make quite a unique attribute for a teammate: whenever you soul-switch to him, you'll instantly recognize that you're playing the only leftie on the team
  9. Bump. Speaking of breaching doors lately, I have a couple of questions that I think I might have asked before: 1. Will there be locked doors in Ground Branch? 2. If there is, then would you agree that the UI should not display a door's status (locked/unlocked) before we manually "check" it first, and that we should be able to do so without the risk of prematurely opening them? SWAT 4 comes to mind.
  10. 5v5 too mainstream
  11. That's like, Team Elimination. Oh wait Speaking of Groundhog Day reminds me of the Hitman games, specifically Blood Money on Pro difficulty wherein no saves were permitted. Good times
  12. Not saying I'll be using the UZI but I sure hope to see one in-game
  13. Sonic Mania
  14. This partially has what I described: