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  1. Regarding controls: Leaning & stepping out: Going prone & rolling: Still need to experiment with shuffling, running, sprinting: link
  2. Another thing to keep in mind is that "using W to open doors while walking forward and using S to close them while walking backwards" (as you suggested) cannot be applied if the door opens towards you.
  3. RIP Killhouse speedruns.
  4. Yes, and it was quite good!
  5. Steam Greenlight page Official website
  6. I think it would be simple and more practical if moving up and down a ladder is made independent of the direction in which we're looking, i.e. pressing W will always move you up the ladder and pressing S will always move you down the ladder, with Shift+S making you slide down the ladder.
  7. Very happy to see the MP5SD5 in-game! I really appreciate it even if it's more for nostalgic reasons rather than a practical one. Regardless, thank you.
  8. "A big part of it takes place in Hong Kong; and it's just f###ing Hong Kong; it's not cyborg Hong Kong" [facepalms] [closes video]
  9. Well... it is called Terrorist HUNT
  10. I've suggested this already That would be neat, although that last point about automatically ending it (regardless with or without that 5-minute delay) would defeat the whole purpose of requiring players to deliberately end the mission.
  11. Any plans to implement sliding down ladders? e.g. by holding Sprint while on a ladder
  12. Then again in Ghost Recon, on many occasions enemies would spawn out of thin air when triggered and this happens in quite a number of missions too (and indeed in Iron Dragon). They're scripted.