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  1. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    I'm in, when I can, Premium here I come...
  2. CPA Exam

    Congratulations Dave!!
  3. Next Splinter Cell to bring back some better stealth?

    Stirring up a hornets nest...
  4. Is tapatalk activated?

    No, we don't currently, the support is there but not active, the best option is the v3 mobile theme, it's what I'm using
  5. The YouTube Thread

    Great video there Det!
  6. A trial of 2 whole days? In my gaming life these days that could amount to less than a couple of hours, not sure I even want to bother with it at this point.
  7. Memorial Day

  8. Guess what movie

    what's seen, cannot be unseen...
  9. Kickstarter campaign release date?

    We appreciate your support, tell your friends, and neighbors, our Kickstarter is coming very soon, for details on how it works visit their website, come back here often, or follow us on Facebook & Twitter, when we launch, you'll know.
  10. Greek Map (WIP)

    - done