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  1. What kind of lighting can we expect?

    Awesome, that made me very happy.
  2. What kind of lighting can we expect?

    Yes, same here. Side note, how many attachments are we going to be allowed per weapon? I hate when you have to trade your suppressor for optics instead of having both. On topic, I love the tac-light effects on the SWAT games, I always make sure my friends turn off their weapon light when we are moving down corridors that may have tango's hiding in them, gotta have light discipline. I'm unsure rather the lights made any difference to the AI or not though, but it seemed like it did. I'm hoping GB/SG will have good enough AI that it won't "cheat" you when you are in the dark and they somehow are aware of you even though they have no light source or vision past 5 feet. Most games have trouble with cheating AI.
  3. Fluid room entering

    That would look awesome playing Coop and seeing your buddy kick in a door before you make entry!
  4. Player skins (single or multiplayer)

    I know GB is Special Forces, I was just using the regular units as an example. And I agree, the kits should reflect special equipment that they require.
  5. Player skins (single or multiplayer)

    Thank you sir. Anyway, I thought of this topic when I looked through my pictures of US Army and Marines that have M249/240's and they are wielded by all sorts of different people. I just hope everything turns like that topic you posted for me, all the characters slightly varied, yet look like a team instead of Rainbow Six Vegas.
  6. Fluid room entering

    I agree with you Jerky, a buddy and I were playing both OGR and SWAT4 earlier, and this sort of thing comes up often, basically, to me it seems like you just want the player to be able to seamlessly enter doorways without getting caught up by a random bit of doorway. I completely agree, I have been killed more than enough times because I couldn't tell how far through the door I was and got shot in the fatal funnel.
  7. A very small detail I have noticed in games like Call of Duty 4, when you play multiplayer, only when you would take a machine gun, your character was an african-american. Now, they used a stereotype here, since everytime you take an assault rifle you are always a white guy. For SG/GB are we going to be able to select certain character traits like this? That stereotype annoys me to no end, I don't know if it is intentional by IW or not, but I would love to see characters with multiple appearances regardless of weapon type. It's a very unrealistic, but simple error. Just wondering if anyone else noticed that, since our military has so much ethnical diversity, it should be represented by players in multiplayer, so people can appear however they choose. Not talking customizing like Rainbow Six Vegas (Crap pink camo dress-up run-n-gun) Just little things like that. Just my .02, wondering what everybody was thinking about it.