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  1. Grand Theft Auto V

    oh please stop making sense. But yeah 100%
  2. Total War: WARHAMMER

    you're getting exited over a cinematic? There seems to be zombies in this one too wee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was i just trolling there?
  3. Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun [cancelled]

    looks exactly like FarCry4 when you choose those weird voodoo missions. What's up with that? Someone copied someone there.
  4. yes that may part of the solution. oh hell yes. Thank you. That was super nice, and more importantly they have captured the 'mystery of the sea' only found in paintings or real life. nah very interesting. I'm looking for realistic sea rendering.
  5. the water looks like water and not saran wrap, that's always good. Ok, find me a sea storm now. howcome I never see something like this ever in any game (the weather/ambiance)? http://www.kiwimage.com/cfsl/navire2.jpg http://digital-art-gallery.com/oid/96/1600x954_16775_Storm_Fury_2d_fantasy_storm_ship_picture_image_digital_art.jpg http://wallpoper.com/images/00/25/29/31/pirate-ship_00252931.jpg
  6. I was thinking more in therms of good, randomized animation, but the computation/physics is certainly interesting when collision occurs. Whats missing from the video provided by Det (though pretty good) is that the occasional wave don't break and you never get a sense of awe from it or these type of reactions.. and these ppl were watching a youtube video. You should definitely get that type of feeling from a good sea animation when in game. I don't see why not.
  7. Nemesis, I think it's a question of priorities. Large bodies of water are not exploited in games usually, the action being on land, the sea being a side show. If they can imitate real life on land, then they can surely do it on the water. Yes Kris I was wondering about UE4. What did you see? Was it jaw dropping or just good?
  8. that's pretty good Det! The wind(no such thing in video games but still) does not interact with the waves, so it's missing that water spray. Still looks nice. Psychomorph, could you dig me a video? Crytek has their rivers rendering down with CryEngine2/3, but seas? I'd be curious to watch that. I really enjoyed the way the sea and beaches looked in FC/Crysis, but it didn't strike me as being realistic. I'm really looking for an engine that can render seas in a realistic way.
  9. Cinematic don't count. Ingame rendering only. Actually, nevermind storms, have you ever seen realistic seas in a video game?
  10. let me do a quick survey

    I'm aiming for brute fun, understanding that 'fun' might vary depending on the person. Again another point in favor of that genre, as there are different occupations. I agree that the social aspect is key in gaming. Ok, enough of that. That unanimity is driving me nuts. ... Q: what is wrong with that genre(a crew sim, as defined here)?
  11. let me do a quick survey

    yes, sailing is something that triggers the imagination and not many would do in real life. Another point in favor of that genre. The weird thing is, all of us in the same kitchen couldn't even agree on how to make a hamburger, yet no perceivable dissension here. I find that even more revealing than the poll itself.
  12. let me do a quick survey

    sail ships certainly have a more 'organic' feel to them and a 'romantic' dimension, though the limitations great, crew sim non the less and that is the very core of that genre. Sails are not excluded from the scenario above, though I will not limit myself with past eras. High tech gadgets such as drones will be more entertaining. 'Organic' and 'romantic' dimensions will add to it. No doubt. Still waiting for anyone telling me that they would NOT want to play that genre [insert whistling emoticon that I cannot find]. I hate to say it but I'm right.
  13. Code Name Epsilon

    It's not that they don't give me what I want. It's that their mediocrity is overwhelming. Just last night I was watching this with my jaw hanging, flies entering my mouth at will me being dumbfounded. The whole thing looks like someone made a joke about the industry. But no, I do believe that is a real video game(?). Good games are like good music, movies, food. If all there is to choose from is Burger King, Mc Donalds and Harveys, then to say that it is what ppl want, is not the whole truth.
  14. If you could play one R6/RS MP map......

    oh I thought that was easy, until I read your second post specifying 'multiplayer map'. So I voted other. Ooops I guess coop doesn't count as multiplayer?
  15. Code Name Epsilon

    we have evolved. There's no going back, only moving forward. Pacman, Doom and Ghost Recon wouldn't satisfy us. Similar situation if Takedown been a 2001 game, it might have worked. My only question in this philosophical discussion is, where are the clientèle at in their heads? Evolved doesn't mean better in certain cases. It might just mean dumb down (no such thing as devolution according to some). Scary notion that might explain why certain devs are recoiling from new and better things, though smaller studios are trying different things, but it appears to me as though they just don't 'have it', and no amounts of money and time will inject them with the 'right stuff'. -Same situation in the film industry btw.- So either they don't want it -or- there's an enormous hole. Both ways have me somewhat mystified.