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  1. Hacking into body implants

    And he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.
  2. Welcoming a new member to the Porter family

    AWESOME....I too am a foster parent. We have fostered about 20 children and adopted 4. http://rudman.com If you need any assistance, please let me know. We also have a diverse family.
  3. Realism When Wounded

    I think this is straight up. I would definately like to see this model.
  4. Map Editor & SDK & Updating.

    I too, thought the unreal editor was complex, until I started working with it. There is a small learning curve, but the rewards are great. I only started using it for about a couple weeks, and I already have two, pretty good, maps made for RvS. I have some good tutorials made by rvsmaps.com, on my site. http://knights-templar.us/rvsmaps/ http://knights-templar.us/mapping/ http://knights-templar.us/forum/ Cya, KT_RicRogue
  5. Arm Patches

    I have always liked armpatches. It has been cool to display your clan patch. Some clans were very creative in their patch making. It just adds a little individuality. Cya, KT_RicRogue