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  1. Quarantine

    It was a really fun scary movie! I was so completely outraged at the end. Not because of the ending but because the trailers for this dang thing had the closing shot ! #1 rule os movie trailers is not to give away the ending. On a brighter note I was a-scared that it was gonna be all "Cloverfieldy". I was nauseous about twenty minutes in to Cloverfield because it was not only shot as hand held, but the hand holding the camera had Parkinsons! This one had a good combo of first person look without over shaking. and it had really good scares! That little girl was so dang creepy! And scary movies are always better with a huge screen and a room full of people you don't know. It adds to the uneasiness.
  2. Tropic Thunder

    I always thought it was "Fart, Then walk!" You mean I have been leaving rooms behind with the sweet smell of me when I could have stayed to enjoy it?