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  1. Media size limit & install space

    I would like the media quality to be high quality...8 to 25 Gigs...but most shooters nowadays are 5-15 gigs.
  2. CS or Lean?

    Cover system please, they worked so well in the UE3 games, and Uncharted 2. Leaning has always got me killed lol
  3. Dev movie - Animation

    Wow, even though this is just a small test video...this is some of the best motion capture I have seen! The walking animation is so fluid and life-like!
  4. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    Some things I would like in a good tactical shooter. 1st: Your Squad/team mates act like real people and not random soldiers that are "just there". 2nd: Realistic weapon effects like recoil, the gun moving while firing, realistic "flashing" when you shoot. 3rd: Realistic looking characters like those seen in the Cry Engine 3/Bad Company 2. Realistic looking textures on uniform and such. 4th: A simple yet in-depth squad command system instead of just the simple "attack", "go here", "defend" kind of stuff. 5th: Online multiplayer co-op. 6th: Cover system similar to Uncharted 2 and in the new UE3 builds. 7th: Non-cliche story please!(I had enough games about drug cartels, I know they are real military threats...but games like Delta Force have done drug cartels TO DEATH!). If anything go with the terrorist/rebellion, or some kind of plot like in the movies where you "stop a war from happening". 8th: destructible environments(depending on what kind of vehicles there are) 9th: The weapons used actually fit the situation/scenario 10th: More info! my 2 cents
  5. John's Mystery job revealed!

    Congrats, good to know the BFS is still alive and going. I hope you guys are giving the special forces better treatment than America's Army 3!
  6. Bad Company 2

    I have to say I am really excited about this game...seems to be the most promising BF game in years..though I am having some massive fun playing 1943 on my PS3.
  7. MAG

    IGN has a new article on MAG..You have to unlock the 256 player servers, you make a character(no kits) and have to stick with only one side. Sounds a bit cheap if you ask me. Also PlanetSide 2 isn't MAG...which they just said they were working a "PlanetSide Next" recently...MAG and PS have nothing in common IMO.
  8. Recoil

    Recently the Battlefield series has been using a "recoil factor" that makes shooting more realistic and that aiming while being proned or crouched will actually make your shot more accurate...some games "masked this" since being crouched or prone gave you a better stance but even then the "recoil factor" wasn't there. Seeing how BFS wants a realistic shooter I am guess this has been discussed?
  9. The Pixel Factor

    Well a lot of games that try to mask a realistic FOV just scale the objects in a way that they seem more at the correct depth.
  10. I remember last year joining the forums after hearing about BFS being built on realistic tactical shooter principles. Back then it seemed BFS had a lot of progress and promise but after coming back after a year to check on things it seems much of the promise has fallen out after reading the blogs. I have to say I am a bit sad since some of the best shooters in the industry are tactical(Even Tac FPSes like Elite Force(star trek) and Republic Commando(star wars) took a lot of time finding actual "tactical experts" for their games and IMO it paid well). Also the fact that many tactical shooters have a very immersive story since most of these games your squad/team mates are fleshed-out characters who seem "alive". I am just glad that there is still hope for BFS and that their first title even though now condensed can make waves across the shooter industry seeing how the tactical shooter market has been dying ever since the early part of this decade...there has been even few talks about a Ghost Recon 5 ever since Ghost Recon moved to consoles with Advanced Warfighter. Good luck BFS!
  11. GORE

    Too bad I accidently joined to praise a game though since people delight in bloodshed and dismemberment and use the "realistic" excuse to cover their demoralilization, if you really want realisitic combat you might as well join the real military and kill all the "real" enemies you need to...leave all the graphic and unneccassary crud out of video games, you can't make a fake thing real, and if you do then your obviously playing games for the wrong reason. Oh well. Another waste of registering for WHAT I THOUGHT BUT REALLY ISN'T a promising game.
  12. Lack of singleplayer?

    Well that's good to know, can't wait to see what they come up with then!
  13. Lack of singleplayer?

    It seems that according to an article on Action-Inside, that Sky Gods will lack a decent single-player experience, and I was wondering if ground branch will follow suite. Usually my favorite first person shooters has a good SP, The multiplayer is also important when it comes to LAN and multiplayer Co-op missions. Also I am guessing because of "NORG" that DeathMatch and CTF will be out since those are more arcade than sim' gameplay? Not that I mind since there is already plenty of those kind of games(UT3, DFX, etc). Also if this game does follow the recent Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six games I am sure the game is more tactical footsoldier combat than like Battlefield and others where you can sport a good vehicle to bring down good amounts of enemies. Well, that's enough rambling for now, I would like to say good luck for the Devs!