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  1. Errm, is this still available?
  2. Signed wholeheartedly.
  3. Hmm... but doesn't that stand in the way of the "IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO ALL CONTENT" and "No DLC / Content restrictions, ever." statements?
  4. You make an excellent point here. I wonder if Ground Branch will support full match recording like Ghost Recon did. Maybe you recall the Replay Committee that judged GR glitchers/cheaters based on submitted game replays?
  5. Code injection in memory is hard to detect, as memory is volatile / constantly changing and you cannot simply run a checksum on it like you do on executables and game files. All this also depends on the operating system and whether it has protected memory partitions for each executable like in e.g. Mac OS X, Unix, Linux.
  6. Agreed, and very well put. Shocking, but accurate.
  7. At least Steam offers full Mac support, dunno about GameSpy. Yeah, all things considered, I guess Steam would be just fine.
  8. Are you talking about online distribution or MP in regards to networking backend? If it's MP, have you checked GameRanger? Talk to Scott Kevill (the owner). He's done the MP networking backend for original Ghost Recon on Mac (it says "Play on GameRanger" on Mac where it says "Play on Ubi.com" on PC). Online distribution should be no problem at all nowadays, as there's a myriad of options now.
  9. Well, I for one am absolutely (and somewhat militantly) against any and all kinds of DRM. Even e.g. just entering a CD key for "online activation" spoils a game for me nowadays, as I simply see it as a developer mistrusting a paying customer, because no one pirating the game will have to go through the pains of DRM at all. The instant you make using the legal version of the game more cumbersome than a pirated one, you're doing something wrong. The Mac App Store is a viable alternative to cumbersome and intrusive DRM. One-click purchase and install, no "serial numbers", no "online activation" (as Apple allows neither on the App Store), and all your apps are kept up-to-date automagically. If you want to offer a Mac version, make sure to comply with what Mac users have come to expect (i.e. the App Store is an absolute MUST). Even outside of the App Store there is very little DRM on the Mac side of the fence, and games or applications "calling home" for "validation" are quite often shunned and their developers' reputation called into question. I don't know how exactly Steam or the GameSpy solution compare to the App Store, but e.g. Steam requiring a special activation for "offline mode" doesn't bode too well at all. I am aware that a No-DRM solution looks very risky to you guys and runs contrary to some proposed GB license juggling on Ebay, but if you want to be the good guys, (obtrusive) DRM does not fit in the picture at all. Just my (admittedly quite radical) 2 cents on this.
  10. That's probably because of the Joystiq article. Lively discussion there, too.
  11. The comments on the Joystiq article and the ensuing discussions are just excellent. Jonathan is doing a outstanding job explaining everything, and people for once seem to stick to a constructive exchange. This looks very very promising, and I hope the discussion carries on!
  12. If When I have the time, I'll mod the ever-loving ###### out of this game!
  13. Maybe we could settle for something between the size of a house (400 sq m) and the size of the largest city in the United States (800 sq km)?
  14. Maybe you guys want to check out "Ghost Recon Forever" - GR.net's dedicated GR server. There's also 2 Mumble voice chat servers available (1 in US, 1 in UK, 30 slots each). I still have some minor troubles with the setup but hopefully get this sorted today.