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  1. Mission planning (like R6)

    Yeah its mainly for SP, I know SP won't happen untill the MP side of things is sorted but I just sorely miss being able to plan my operation. I totally agree that we should be able to plan on the fly when things go wrong but atleast being able to review intel, adjust kit for my guys and choose different methods of entry etc etc. From what I can see from searching it is totally possible than contacts might last for long periods of time when unexpected things unfold when your actually mid-mission and in that respect I'd like to be able to open up an Virtual 'piece of paper' and hash out a simple review of the original plan and assign new go-codes before going ahead with the new augmented plan. I guess the devs have A LOT more things to think about right now but I was one of the sad guys that sat in the mission planner for a hour before carrying out the mission in covert ops haha I so think however that the mission planner could be expanded on and could be an interesting addition at some point.
  2. Mission planning (like R6)

    First post in quite a few years, I donated what seems like an age ago, nice to see some progress is being made and things are moving:-) Will GB have the ability to plan the mission and play it out with go-codes like in the original R6. I never used to leave it entirely to the comp to play it but I liked being able to set waypoints and go-codes for my other teams to breach a room just as I was breaching somewhere else, or changing a snipers status from never fire to engage just at the right moment via a go code for my team to enter a room or something similar.