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  1. Digital Distribution

    Personally, I like purchasing a retail version because it feels like you get more for what you paid for and that feeling makes you feel good. Plus I trust retail CD's more because they are for sure going to work 99.9% of the time, digital distribution is only good if the game is for sure going to work on the client side. Due to the fact that some games downloaded from Steam don't work properly and support from Steam is extremely poor. Makes the retail version what I like to call "Tried and true" Edit (added additional thoughts): However, Steam is good if the developer does it right. For example I purchased "The Orange Box" Retail Version and it only needs the disc to install the game files but for everything else it's Steam. So we still get a physical box and media, but with the advantage of having a digital copy from here forever. Also, what if we go with a more friendly win-win situation for the customers. Blu Ray movies now a days, come with a physical retail disk and a free digital copy. Both can be stand alone, but registered to one special key. I know it's a more complicated system but sometimes if the alternatives are not good, reinvent it. Link to the movie idea:,39029...49300145,00.htm
  2. Medical Leave or Time To Get Healthy Again

    I had a dream last night and thought that it may add on to the system. That depending on the type of injury sustained determines if the operator will return in later missions. For example if S.Sgt Smith got a shot to his knee cap, he will recover from his wounds but won't be able to carry heavier loads or won't be able to run like he did before. In another case Pvt Jackson got his leg blown off, not saying that this not might be in the game, will recover but is unideal for any mission so is instead is retired or moved to Intelligence or something. Although the Ghost Recon and Rogue Spear methods are tried and true, this might be the next level for this NORG.
  3. Retail Availability?

    Well I guess I better start praying and thanks for the quick replies Krise.
  4. Retail Availability?

    Hey Krise nice seeing you here, I've seen you on the forums, so Sky Gods and Ground Branch will be released by digital distribution? or is it only Sky Gods? Lawrence
  5. Retail Availability?

    I searched the forums to see if this game will be released into retail stores eg. Gamestop, Best Buy as a hardcopy or will it only be released as a Digital Download from Steam or other online delivery system. I personally hope and pray that it will be available in retail, can someone help enlighten me if the info does exist?