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  1. Epic rant video incoming

    Prob just the schrooms talking.
  2. Nereta Swamp - WIP

  3. AI work-in-progress #16 (video)

    Nice video!
  4. Death Animations Done Right

    You should feel honored
  5. Beginner's Guide Video

    Glad you guys are finding it helpful!
  6. I posted a short, 6 minute, beginner's guide video to help some navigate through the game. The video covers some of the commonly received questions; such as, customizing your kit, reporting bugs, voting, ready-up, insertion points, etc. Hopefully you will find it helpful as well.
  7. Radial menu question

    That works
  8. The Armory

  9. AI progress this week

    Great stuff zoom. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to take some time to go through those links today.
  10. Ground Branch Videos

  11. Discord server is linked above it's a seperate application for voice and chat. Get on there and we can talk you through everything.