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  1. Jumping or not jumping

    I think you should give people the option. Having a good game is all about giving the person the right to choose how their game will be played. Implement jumping, but if the person does not want it, they can simply turn it off by going to the server settings, or for single player, the options. It's all about the options.
  2. well that guy was talking about multiplayer, but i think if it's implemented in campaign mode it would be really good.
  3. well we all see on tv the swat teams and sas and other random teams do the hand signals to indicate what the plan is, like "keep your eyes on me" is the team leader pointing his two fingers at his eyes, why don't you implement that into the game to make it harder for people and to actually get people to concentrate on the plan of action. obviously you'd have a tutorial on what they mean and you'd have a hand signal dictionary so people can look it up if they don't get what they said, so i think it would work out quite nicely and really bump up the realism.
  4. ye the sky gods images look kewl, and the ground branch image also looks kewl. it's a shame though because it looks as though both games are really going to try and be another ghost recon, however, rainbow six is more my type of thing. ghost recon was more outdoor, big fields, mountains kind of thing. rainbow six focused more on smaller, close quarters maps. i remember the training map on raven shield where you had to throw a grenade straight away and you would possibly kill someone, that's how cqc it is. that's only from seeing the pictures though, i could be completely wrong and they might do half ghost recon type of game, and half rainbow six type of game. but that's the feeling i get of these 2 games. hopefully blackfoot studios will make a more close quarters orientated game when they have released these 2 games, which would be really good, because by looking at the forum, they are taking in what people want, and if they do that the gameplay will be a masterpiece. i'll definatly get this game even if it is more like ghost recon, purely for the fact that the gameplay will most likely be a masterpiece, then they can implement that gameplay, like i said, to a more rainbow six type of game.
  5. like maps with snow, sand, sun, grass, mountains, raining, night time, day time, afternoon time, streets, cars, civilians, random explosions, unplayable tanks which u can hide behind? also, when you blow up an enemy with a grenade, will their limbs fly off?