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  1. Enemys running out of bullets

    Well...let's say they have 10 mags for their primary once they go through 7 or 8 mags instead of shooting automatic they'll switch to burst or semi. That would be an easy conservation method. They could also stop suppressive fire when they start running low on ammo. They'll only shoot when you pop out. Just a thought...
  2. Health System [Medics?]

    I've never been shot (outside of paintball) so I don't know. But I have been surprised by a crap ton of pain before and my vision did kind of blur/tunnel for awhile.
  3. Enemys running out of bullets

    Well, they should run out of ammo. If their primary goes dry they should default to their sidearm. Once that's done I think one of three things should happen depending on who they are. If you have some amateur soldiers with no training, like some of the Iraqis (no offense) they should run. If they're Al-Quida extremists or Japanese from WWII they should charge you with their knife drawn. If they're some highly organized and trained soldiers they should surrender or charge depending on how many of them are left. If it's the last guy he should probably surrender. If you want a challenge, they could call for another mag from their teammates and they'll throw them another one. (Which I think should also be a possibility for us )
  4. Health System [Medics?]

    Here's my awesome opinion. When you get shot there should be a display that briefly flashes onto the screen showing the body part that was shot and a color which would indicate minor/major injury. If you get shot with a pistol round it could be yellow, and if you get shot with a rifle round it would be red. That way you'll know what was hurt and it's not on the screen at all times. Different rounds should obviously have a different effect. If you get shot in the chest (assuming body armor) with a gun shooting pistol ammo (handguns and SMGs) you should be knocked back/down and winded for a second, but then come back 100% or close to it. If you get shot in the arm/leg with the small rounds you should favor that side (lean in pain) limp, not be able to raise arm to shoot, etc. If a medic tends to your wounds you should gain most "health" back, not all and not be 100% until next mission. A small round to the head is most likely a fatal shot... On the upper range, if you get shot with a .50 cal anywhere you're pretty much done...right? There should be a medic class/kit/setup. If you get shot with a smaller round (.45, .556, etc.) the medic should be able to keep you from bleeding out and stabilize you. He should carry a field stretcher to carry you if you can't walk. Maybe some maps can have a FOB (Forward Operating Base) you can take them back to and send them to the hospital and maybe get a replacement soldier. Maybe... If no FOB you should be able to call for a medivac and they'll designate an extraction point which you have to get to, clear, setup a perimeter, then load the wounded. If you get shot anyone should be able to dress your wound to slow your bleeding, if not you slowly bleed out and die, if you get your wound dress you will still bleed out, just slower. If a medic gets to you he can stabilize you and save you from bleeding out but you still lose some mobility/skill. Another thing, if you do lose a teammate you should have to bring the body with you to the end of the mission. No one left behind right? If you don't maybe you lose points if you're graded at the end of each mission. You get a general or someone yelling at you during the debrief... I think a medic class is important to help with the team dynamic (everyone has their job and importance). Make it a challenge to complete missions smoothly, successfully if everyone has the same kit or everyone has the same equipment. I'm sure I could think of more ideas....