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  1. Just an Idea I was kicking around

    I apologize for that if it was posted elsewhere, but like I said, time on the pc has been short for me and I haven't had time to catch up on whats been going on here. In relation to what's effective and what works, I will agree, current systems have been effective for games in the past. But that being said, I think it has led to people playing the games in a manner that was not originally intended by the designers... A play style that revolves around individual kill counts and not around team work thus leading to a less realistic environment (in my opinion) The style of game I am referring to is not a team death match at all. I'm referring to a more objective based, continuous development setting in which players are rewarded for concentrating more on the objectives and less on their kill counts. One where it pays off to try and stay alive and not sprint around that corner racing to "rusher" created choke points. One where ongoing campaigns could be possible in which 2 factions (good guys vs bad guys) battle over different objectives in an ongoing war. This is kind of where my mmorpg reference came from. Oh well, it's just an idea. something to stew over. You'll always have your shooters and your mmorpgs, I just thought it would be interesting at one point to meld the two and maybe attract players from both arenas.
  2. Hey Guys, I've been absent from these forums for quite some time, but I used to be a regular here. Had alot of real life issues to deal with which has kept me away from my comp. But I figured I'd swing by and see how things were goin over here. Looks like all is going well with Ground Branch.. thats great to hear. Any news on a possible release date? Anywho, A friend and I were kicking around talk about how to make a game more realistic, and thus more fun, for people like us. who are into that kind of thing. And thats actually what prompted me to come back here. So I could drop the idea on you guys and give you something to chew the fat over. Not that this idea could be implemented into current tiles BFS is working on but who knows... maybe some day down the road. So heres what we were thinking... One of the biggest problems in FPS gaming (in our eyes) is the whole run and gun sprint everywhere jump around corners thing that annoys us all. We asked ourselves why this is done, and of course the answer is simple.. to get more kills, and thus be the best in the server. SO that being said, we were kinda tryin to think outside the box a little and thought... What if you took that out of the equation.. eliminate score all together. no more kills vs deaths. Only what team wins. This, we thought would make players more inclined to move and act as a team in order to achive predetermined goals..which leads me into my next point.. If you eliminate score then what are people working for... this is after all a game and people want to play to win. We thought this one was kind of simple.. Rank. Not rank which opens up new weapons or anything like that.. just plain ol rank. And to add a weird and new twist on it... give rank based on how long a player can keep their character alive and how many missions he accomplishes without getting killed. almost like a growing character similar to what is used in mmorpgs. A crossover of sorts if you will. We thought this might be a good starting block for a truly realistic game. A game that yes, would be slower paced, but in the end much more rewarding, and DEFINATELY more realistic. After all you don't get rank for dying...lol One would think this would inspire a huge campfest, but if you imposed time restraints... the people would have to move to achieve victory. But in modern day combat... one side is normally defending which IS camping in a matter of speaking so it would be expected to some degree. Anyways I just thought Id drop that out there for you guys to toil on for awhile. Good to be back, and hope to talk to you all soon. Peace Ying