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  1. AI Hostage Rescued, now what?

    well if the players dont understand, they'l soon learn
  2. Do you need to zero your weapon

    aye tis a fair point, well have to apply KISS to NORG so as to not climb up the walls with extraneous stuff
  3. Freedom of choice

    theres a list?!
  4. Do you need to zero your weapon

    hahaha a boot tying minigame? also will shooters parallax be included with some of the weapons? or is that ridiculously ridiculous?
  5. Do you need to zero your weapon

    haha sweet, just thought id throw that out there! glad this project is in safe hands
  6. Do you need to zero your weapon

    this thread may have been dead for a while now, but has anyone mentioned a incremental zero system like they had for the grenade launchers in INF? i mean sure this would greatly simplify the process of zeroing, but if its good enough for H&K (with the barrel style rear sight) then its good enough for me. also this would give the rifle range some meaning as players would have to practise judging distances and prdicting bullet fall for those odd ranges. it would be simple to implement i suppose, as you could just make the use key context sensitive so that when ure sighting it would cylce through 50m increments or whatever is deemed realistic. could also work for sniping!