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  1. What weapons do you own?

    US Model 1898 (30/40 krag) US Model 1917 US Model 1903A3 Schmidt Ruben K-31 Mosins: 1 M-44 and 1 M91/30 Enfields: 1 #1mk6 and 1 #4 mk1
  2. Introduce yourself

    My physical age and my mental age never have much resembled each other
  3. Communication.

    I think text messages that are sized correctly to prevent them from being intrusive are easy to miss or pick up too late when your attention is elsewhere on the screen. Voice messages would be a big plus as ZA knows." Talon this is Alhpa are ya lost again mate?" Text messages with an alert tone calling attention to them would be another option.
  4. Introduce yourself

    Howdy Paladin851 is my nickname ( MVTalon at GRNET ) playing the Ghost recon series ,The R6 series and Red orchestra ostfront primarily.56 years old living in Washington state USA