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  1. Quite the set up you've got there White. What are the specs on your Falcon Northwest rig?
  2. I as well am late to the fact, but congrats on your grandson ZJJ. As you said he is a handsome little fellow.
  3. Hobby mostly. Have wanted to attend school for it, but real life keeps me from that with all the bills, and family stuff. Anyway I've been messing with 3d modeling for a few years, just never really had lots of time to become leet.
  4. Ok thanks for the info Monolith. Excellent advice.
  5. So I was a bit late finding the site. Was just wondering if it's too late to attempt the modeling?
  6. Ah ok! But still would be cool to hang out with the dev team for a few hours. I'm actually only about an hour away from Columbus so it wouldn't be much for me just to make a day of it. But again was just an idea I thought would be cool.
  7. Was just surfing the forums, and was thinking. Just thinking it would be cool to meet up with Jsonedecker, and maybe a few of the other devs and just discuss gaming with them in person since the studio is in my home state. Also take a tour of the studio, of course only if possible. But again just something I was thinking about while surfing the forums. Never really had the opportunity to meet any real game developers that have worked on any major titles, and maybe get a few pointers. Anyway I'm just rambling so I guess I'll cut this short.
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Beau, and I'm a milsim addict. Hahaha anyway I've been playing games for a while. Gotta say since I picked up the controler and played on the Atari. Anyway am a fan of the GR series, and a huge fan of milsim fps's. Found the site while looking for game dev studios here in my home state of Ohio. Have been trying to do some self teaching in 3d modeling, so that I can try to get into the industry. Anyway that's just a little about myself, and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here. Also I am looking forward to seeing more amazing work from this great studio.