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  1. A "no update" update

    They are dumb but they wreck you if they aquire you no matter what distance. I've been one shotted a bunch of times. Def still a blast to play and makes the game more playable.
  2. There are controller settings in the options menu so I'd say yes.
  3. Not saving operator loadout

    inis don't save in my docs they are here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ground Branch\GroundBranch\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor I'm not sure what file affects this issue but I think it might be the inis. When it happened to me, I was adding a custom script to the game. The one I was working on was a momentary lean, doubletap to hold. My character lost all ability to lean even when the default lean was selected I game and everything reset. And my kit disappeared. I got the guy with no headgear and jeans and couldn't get anothing to stay after customizing operator. I deleted scripts folder and my docs fb folder. Then verified game integrity to Re-download he files. I might have deleted some inis but not all three sets (I don't think). When I loaded the game it was at defaults again but I still couldn't save my load out. Finally I went into steam selected delete local content, then manually deleted my docs GB folder as well as the one in the steam folder. Re-downloaded whole game and reinstalled. Problem solved.
  4. Not saving operator loadout

    To fix this you have to delete the ground branch folder in c:/program files x86/steam/steam apps/common when you reinstall as well as the one in my docs
  5. Why aren't these sub forums in the ground branch section? I didn't even see them until today and I check the forums multiple times daily.
  6. Not even close on the weapon positions yet, but I did make a successful press to lean, double tap to toggle script. I made a new thread in the team room for scripting.
  7. @jsonedecker thx for info. Sounds great.
  8. I prefer hold to aim as well. I'm working on the scripts now, but I'm slowly figuring them out. I'll post once I have progress.
  9. The problem at the moment is that there isn't even a reason to be in a dis-engaged position. Sprint from spot to spot, that lowers your weapon, then stop scan and fire if necessary. We need some sort of stamina performance issues associated with sprinting. I think that the whole engaged/ ready posture dynamic needs to change. Yes, your field of view is a little better when at ready position, but you are that much slower to fire. Shouldn't there be speed penalties to running/ moving while engaged? Also, isn't it somewhat disorientating to run with a weapon in an engaged position, like wouldn't your arm get tired from trying to hold the weapon up and somewhat steady. I like that these positions are available, I just don't see the point of having to manually switch between them. Like when your man is moving it should automatically switch to ready, (toggle between high and low), then when you click the fire button once he switches to engaged, hold the fire button and he fires. I think that the animations and options are cool, but in practice they are weird and unintuitive. I love the realism, but it still needs to play well.
  10. I am using a death adder 2013. It has 2 thumb buttons I use the close one for reload and the far one for selector switch. I cannot get the full reload (upon hold) to work unless I select the double tap option. Does anyone else have this problem?
  11. Breathing cycle

    I play America's Army, and am semi active in the forums. A recent post has brought up a subject that I feel would work in Ground Branch. The implementation of a breathing cycle system. This was done nicely in America's Army 2. You would need to hold your breath at the top or bottom of the breathing cycle to take more accurate shots while ADS. If you ran or sprinted, this would accelerate your breathing. If you exhausted your soldier's stamina, he would hyperventilate until he could catch his breath. Certain wounds would also affect the breathing rate. Anyways, was this ever discussed and/ or entertained? I think that a system like this would fit in nicely with this game. There had been concern for the desire for artificially high recoil. This could be the answer to that problem.
  12. General questions

    If I start a map in ue4, will it work with GB? Also does anyone know a good tut for converting udk maps to ue4?
  13. Question about Steam Download

    (workaround) Jeza, it was private for me too. prob a setting that goes with the game not showing when you play. After you save it as private, go into the screenshot library and change the visbility.
  14. support forum

    So, I know that things are crazy around here now, but I think that it would make things less crazy if you added a support forum. It could have sub topics such as: Hey, I didn't get my game!, My game is not running even though I am way below the min specs, and so on ... Also maybe appoint a few forum mods from your donator group. The bug report thead is a mess too. It needs it own forum at minimum so that separate topics could be addressed separately.
  15. Store is open... sort of

    @john Operator edition pdf still says "you got a cool t-shirt..." Wasn't sure if you knew about this.