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  1. Ghost Recon: Mission 3 Iron Bell.

    A fantastic mission - first time in a video game I was scared of armoured vehicles

    Saint Monolith was a cool read, very entertaining
  3. Naming Ground Branch

    I think Ground Branch is good by itself. Unless the sub heading is directly related to the campaign portion of the game.
  4. RIP Tom Clancy

    Damn. RIP Tom, thanks for all the great reads.
  5. Happy Birthday John Sonedecker

    Happy Birthday Grand Poobah!
  6. Saint Monolith

    As long as you have the Kindle App, you can have it on both and it will sync between devices so you could be reading on the iPad and later on, pick up where you left off using your Android phone. I do that between my phone and tablet - sometimes I can be unexpectedly stuck waiting for the missus and I don't have my tablet but out comes the phone and I can wait all day as long as I've got a book to read. I put my other book on hold and started reading Saint Monolith on the train this morning, good stuff so far - get into it everyone.
  7. Saint Monolith

    Purchased the electronic copy just now Mono, hope there's many more sales to come . I'm looking forward to reading it as soon as I've finished my current book.
  8. This is one of my favourites, really interesting. I also highly recommend The Operators by James Rennie
  9. Kick-Ass 2

    Awesome news, the first one was so much fun.
  10. Wonderputt

    Yes, 1 hour
  11. Moving Forward

    There's a bit of a difference between then and now: Back then John and Co were working on GB in their free time. They still had to have regular full time jobs to get by. No point putting out a monthly newsletter if there isn't anything new to report. We've all been here for a long time and we know that when there has been news we get to hear it here first hand. Now, if I recall, the recent Kickstarter and all the plans that are being put in motion now are to ramp up the development so that it can become a full time commitment and lead to a release. Obviously with the development ramping up there will be more to share in regular blogs, newsletters or whatever to get the interest of other people out there that will likley enjoy the game. That would be a shame, my original BFS shirt is so well love that it can only be brought out for weddings and funerals now becasue I don't want it to fade more than it has.
  12. A New Marketing Approach? Comic strip style.

    Brilliant! My mates at work are also gamers and we often look at 9gag!
  13. Where did you hear/ read about Ground Branch?

    Same and I was #25 which is the number of my BFS collectors coin
  14. Found a SEAL Faker

    True that, every party or gathering you go to here in Perth there is either someone who claims that they are SAS or they know someone. Funny as.