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  1. Maps

    I was not suggesting copying those maps. What I was saying was size wise they were perfect. Having maps that size would be ideal in my opinion.
  2. please for the love of the game

    John, I know this may sound almost stupid, but hear me out. Some of the main things that will keep the game alive are also the simple things that we take for granted in a good game. Server browser, ability to filter servers by ping, number of players ect, player chat, Dedicated server files, things like that. It amazes me how other companies "forget" about these things. Take what YOU know worked well in GR, RvS and other games you have made and played and incorperate those basics into the new game.
  3. Maps

    For larger maps I would say Vilnius and Embassy were perfect size. On the smaller side Daytime Docks was outstanding. I most certainly would love to see Killhouse and CSL in the game also. CSL is my alltime favorite.