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  1. CS or Lean?

    You could implement A cover system in with the lean, Taking cover behind a box, and do a TIP TOE. so you can look higher, and shoot over boxes, and bushes. You've got to have the Old school lean tho. So many games failed at using cover systems "Las Vegas 1 and 2". I thought you guys did a very good job on Ghost Recon 2, the cover system for that was VERY VERY UNFAIR, But you could have made it a great way to look over barriers in the level. Another cool thing to add would be customizing you character, The more fat your player is the more health he can take, the more skinnier the more faster, and smaller- harder too get shot. Larger- Easier too kill, but have better vision. Something like that would make a new Idea to FPS. Reticules!!! Need to make the game Perfect, MW1 Has a very GOOOOD GAMEPLAY/ ENGINE / PHYSICS, But Reticules FAIL so much. No sidestep, its all RUN AND JUMP. This is one of the most important things in FPS GAMES. GAMEPLAY MAKES GAMES GREAT, NO MATTER HOW BAD THE GRAPHICS ARE - PacMan Thank you, Cashingout
  2. Awsome Flythrough Movie from Ground Brach...

    This game looks like its going to be a Rainbow Six "Raven Shield" Mixed With a Little Ghost Recon Combat. I loved the fluid peeking in Raven Shield. You could change the peek keys from q to e, and have FLUID RUN OUT GUN BATTLE PEEKS. Very fun game. I miss the old school, Tactical shooters, rather than these COD run and gun insane MP games. all i need is 10v10 Action. No Tanks, no Machines. Nice Small maps, with very good terrain locations, and kits, and urban areas, focus on getting the right sized maps, and a great engine too work with. I wish you guys well and I hope you come out with a gun slinging action packed multiplayer game. Been awhile since people talked on these forums. if we could get a heads up on whats going on That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you - Cashingout